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Posted by IrishRose Oct 23, 2018

In keeping my sanity with this computer headache, we are still able to take photos of wildlife, pull them up on this stupid computer and most important, post them on this site for my EX Family to see as a good smoking diversion.  I hope these two photos bring a smile to your face like they did for us just now.  A juvenile barred owl in the oak tree just 15 feet from our house.


Barred Owl:  "I am trying to sleep."


Barred Owl:  "Why did you wake me up?"


Isn't he/she beautiful?


Irish Rose 



Posted by IrishRose Oct 21, 2018

I lost everything, but the good news is that I had everything backed up before I proceeded with the process of going back to Windows 7.  With back flashes this week of when I used to smoke to solve any problems facing me, I still did not go there.  Still smokefree.


It's just like when you quit smoking and begin your journey of a smokefree life, you have to take baby steps to be sure you do not fall.  With that said, you guys are the first ones I have been reaching out to as I get this computer back to working great again.  So, today when you see me babbling on, just remember, I am in test mode to see what is working and what is not.


Special thanks and big ((((hug)))) to jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 for being awake and talking to me yesterday morning before I embarked on switching from Windows 10 to 7.  My computer was not compatible with 10.  I had to go back to 7.  Just his mere presence and support gave me the final  push I needed to just do it!!!


When I logged on this morning, I was unable to do a bunch of things, including the ability to post a blog, but I did see my buddies here who had left me notes of encouragement on my blog from yesterday.  The next time I logged on, I was able to at least "like" those comments.  Now, I must move forward to get things loaded, like my mail, an important component.  I started with nothing, but I will get things straightened out.


Love you guys,

Irish Rose