Smoking Dreams

Blog Post created by IrishRose on Feb 9, 2013

I woke up this morning feeling very strange and guilty.  When I came to my senses from what I felt a deep sleep, I realized that I had opened my eyes up from having a smoking dream.  There I was in my dream, smoking a cancer stick.  I could not even remember the entire dream.  The only memories left in my mind was of me leaning on a wooden railing, standing on a wooden boardwalk and staring out across a huge body of water.


Water is a huge stress reliever for me.  Whether it be in a shower, bathtub, watching the rain fall, kayaking, lakes, rivers, the ocean, no matter what, water calms me down to such an inner feeling of peace.


Now, where am I going with this whole story?  Yes, the power of nicotine addiction. 


I have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately.  I had one smoking dream in the early part of my quit.  I was in a kayak and the water was polluted all around.  There was a pack of cigarettes unopened in my pocket, and that’s all I recall of that dream.  Yes, it had to do with water too. 


Now, this day I am at 975 days smokefree, and I awakened from a smoking dream???  Today I experienced the power of my addiction to cancer sticks, but once again.  Was this addiction trying to infiltrate a strong stress reliever for me, that being water? 


I hope you all have a blessed, smokefree day.  I have some stress to address, and I am doing it smokefree, so walk with me, please!