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Think about this one...

Posted by IrishRose Jul 31, 2012

Big Tobacco


It's your choice...

Posted by IrishRose Jul 29, 2012


You must be a regular spammer on this site, because you learned to turn something off in your blogs, so this is just for you...


Take care today, my Ex-family, have a beautiful one, and keep on protecting your quit!


To all the newbees...

Posted by IrishRose Jul 8, 2012

My starfish bangle bracelet finally came in.  It is silver with tiny crystals in the arms.  Way to go on me reaching two years smokefree almost a month ago. 

Cape Star Cape Star Hinged Bangle

It is so very important that you celebrate your milestones.  Buy yourself something really special when you reach a milestone you have shocked yourself by attaining.  It will give you something to look forward to.  If it is something like the bracelet I bought myself, you can look at that gift to you and be so very proud of yourself for holding on to the determination you have to succeed in remaining smokefree. 


If you have been quit just one week, treat yourself to something special.  It does not have to be an expensive gift.  My bracelet was not expensive. 


Look forward to your future as a non-smoker, a future you most probably would not have had if you continued smoking.

I hope no one lost their quit to alcohol yesterday.  I had two drinks, and on the first one, I thought about those coffin nails.  I have been quit over two years now, and I cannot tell you when I had a drink before yesterday.   Know your triggers and be prepared to PROTECT YOUR QUIT even if it means not having that drink.




Posted by IrishRose Jul 4, 2012

I got this in my inbox this morning...


Hi Dear




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