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Posted by IrishRose Jun 30, 2012

You understand where I am coming from, and I thank you for that!!!


Banana Chips

Posted by IrishRose Jun 30, 2012

Are they bad for dogs?  Nothing to smoke over - just wondering.



Posted by IrishRose Jun 20, 2012



to my ex-family.  I had a real bad day yesterday, but I did not smoke over it.  Hospitals, for some reason, make me want to hunt for that pack of cigarettes to take along with me.  It's just not worth having to start all over when you take just one puff.  Cherish the days you have counted up so far as a non-smoker.  Don't make your life more complicated with health issues.  Protect your quit!

Love you guys!!!




Two Years ? ? ?

Posted by IrishRose Jun 10, 2012

Today marks two years since I made the COMMITMENT with myself to never smoke another coffin nail again.  I will tell you this.  When you quit smoking, life will continue on with its ups and downs.  The only difference – there is no cigarette to run to with every life event.


Oh yes, and the TRIGGERS are there, popping up all over the place until you RELEARN how to deal with life situations without the coffin nails.  If you stay away from EXCUSES to start smoking again, YOU will get to REAP THE BENEFITS of your quit.  That is what I have learned.


And, reward yourself too, because it’s not an easy task to stay committed at times.   

 Cape Star Cape Star Hinged Bangle

This is my present to me for being smokefree two years.