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Hey there, guys!  I am so sorry for not being able to be here more often.  I am having great difficulty getting around, as crutches do not work well with a bad shoulder, and things are just not going very well.  But, this too shall pass, and I love you guys and miss all of you, and I hope you just continue to protect that beautiful quit each of you have got going for yourselves.  I continue to protect mine, and I am proud of me and each one of you for doing the same thing. 


Broke my calf bone

Posted by IrishRose Jan 9, 2012

Hi, Guys.  Sorry for staying gone so long.  I broke my fibular bone just above the ankle, and this is what I look like now...   put your glasses on so you can see Smiley heavily panting, yep, that's me...

Crutches  on crutches.  It sucks, but I am not going to smoke over it.  Nope!  Not gonna do it!!!

Love you, my family!!!!