Blog Post created by IrishRose on Nov 4, 2011

I don't know about anyone else, but I kind of don't like the new and improved version of BECOME AN EX.  BUT, I am not going to smoke over it. 

I do not like the new version, because it is too busy.  Does that make any sense?  BUT, I am not going to smoke over it.

If I smoked over it, I would have fallen for EXCUSES, and that is one of the top reasons people start smoking again.

Now, I have a question?  Why do the spammers get free advertisement, but Cuddle Class and Skycouch have to pay for their space???  Oh, and I forgot Charity Water.

Today is Friday!  Thank GOD (yes, I used a sentence with religious content in it) . . . TODAY IS FRIDAY.  Here's wishing each one of my family members a beautiful one!

Love you, guys!