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Happy Tuesday


Fall Friday...

Posted by IrishRose Sep 23, 2011

Enjoy this first day of Fall smokfree!


And, make sure you protect, rather than fall with your quit!


Please contact FinallyFree

Posted by IrishRose Sep 22, 2011

I have been trying to back-up to the message that FinallyFree left me on my message board using the updated activity section to the bottom left of the main page just above the pics of new folks coming on board here.  When I had backed up numerous times, I found that I was only in the section of activity that had taken place only 20 minutes earlier.  I would be here all night trying to find where FinallyFree left me that message.  I would fall asleep on the keyboard trying to find that message from yesterday.


What concerns me, though, is that FinallyFree left this site, and may never return.  That is sad to me.  Here is an individual leaving messages and pics just like all of us do, to show love, kindness and support, but there just happened to be a problem with the site this individual used to get their pics.  I have no idea if that individual was a man or a woman, but they are gone now.


I would like to ask that if anyone out there has a way to contact FinallyFree other than using this site, please get in touch with them.  Please let them know that the world did not come to an end, because people lost their message boards temporarily.  All of us will lose people and things in our lives that are a lot more important than message boards.  I have corrected my problem by editing the number of messages shown on my board.  If I go one over that number, the message board disappears. 


It’s not that peoples messages are not important to me, but if those people who left messages before care about me, they will leave new messages.  The messages will continue to flow to all of us, because we are all here to support each other to remain smokefree.


I realize that I am babbling on, but I want FinallyFree to return to this site, because I feel like we lost someone who wanted to quit smoking, found this site, and jumped right in sending happy messages to us, ready to be part of our family and quit a deadly addiction.


So, I ask anyone who can contact this individual, even by US Mail, to please do so.  Our Admin Support has that person’s mailing address.  Please contact them, and let them know that everything is ok.  The world did not come to an end, and that individual needs to be a part of this family and protect their quit with us.


Happy, happy Thursday

Posted by IrishRose Sep 22, 2011

The quote for the day...

"You gotta see it to delete it."

hahahahahahaha  Am late for work, again, but I know I won't be smoking over that.  hahahahaha

Big love back at you, Indin, and the rest of my family on EX.  I'm late, I'm late, for a not so important date!  UGH!

And, I think it is FinallyFree - You better get yourself back here.  We have to tease you for crashing the message boards.  And, you know something, it's  just NOT GONNA MAKE ANYONE SMOKE OVER.  You would have to find a better excuse than that one, so come back here and journey on with us QUITTERS!!!

Love you, guys!



Posted by IrishRose Sep 22, 2011

How can you delete the message on your message board if you cannot see the message board.  hahahahahaha




Happy Wednesday

Posted by IrishRose Sep 21, 2011

Worry looks around


Sorry looks back


Faith looks up




Have faith in yourself.  Protect your quit.  You can do it!


Happy Wednesday

Posted by IrishRose Sep 14, 2011

I notice a lot of people say, "I'm still not smoking."  That phrase leaves one open to smoke.  Why not say, "I just don't do that anymore."  It is a more postive mindset when fighting this addiction.  Just a thought.

Smoking suicide



SMOKING KILLS...  smoking warning labels, smoking kills



Posted by IrishRose Sep 12, 2011

Hi, guys!!!  It's Monday morning.  Enjoy your new day smokefree!!!  Love yourself, and the people around you ! ! !

Have a great monday, funny animated



Posted by IrishRose Sep 1, 2011

I happened to notice a lot of newbees coming on the site this morning.  It's funny, because their pages look more like free advertising for their businesses of web design.  UGH!   Very interesting!  I think we are being invaded again.  No wonder there are 300,000 plus individuals on this site.

Have a beautiful smokefree day, my friends!!!

weight joke

I feel like Charlene this morning!!!! hahahahahaha!