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Weight Gain

Posted by IrishRose Aug 31, 2011

fat weight


Protect your quit first.  You can always lose weight, but it's not likely you will be able to reverse the damage done from smoking!

Too much going on with a lot of our family members here.  Remember, you are not alone, because we care about you!!!  


group hug


Love you guys!!!



Posted by IrishRose Aug 28, 2011

Here's wishing everyone clear skies today!!!   

Calm After The Storm



Posted by IrishRose Aug 27, 2011


Posted by IrishRose Aug 26, 2011

Ok, call me mushy if you like, but someone very special to me sent me some pics that I could not see.  She also sent me a heart that I could not see either, but I wanted to pass the spirit of the heart to my dear smokefree family here.  I just want to share two separate words of wisdom, and I also found this heart to give to each one of you.

Pink Sparkle Heart BF


Oh, by the way, Pirate Man was right about this hurricane stuff.  It is kind of hyped up.  If you can learn things from it, it’s a good thing though.  It was an absolute joke around here, but you can never put your guard down.  If they say 60 mph winds approaching, believe it whether it happens or not.  I believed it, and it did not happen, unless it just did not get here yet.  It's kind of like fighting the nicotine addict in us.  Also, enjoy the closeness of family during stressful times.  The words of wisdom that goes with this heart to you guys is this...


>The best vitamin for making friends . . . B-1


 And, for those of you trying to quit or trying to remain quit...


> If you lack courage to start, you have already finished.


Guess you can see that I did not blow away.  Special thanks to Aztec for sharing these special words with me.  I'm just passing them along, with the love of the heart and the butterfly theory that you cannot change without change.


Love you guys!!!




Posted by IrishRose Aug 26, 2011

I have been living in South Carolina for over 37 years now.  I am very familiar with the wrath of hurricanes.  I just went outside, and I can see the bands of the storm, even though we are only under a Tropical Storm Warning.  My wind chimes are just singing too.  What I want to say is that smoking cigarettes will not give you the strength to persevere.  Smoking is a temporary break, not a fix, to anything you may encounter in one of these storms.  Just get prepared.  Make sure everything that you value in the yard is secured or brought into the house, make sure you have water in bottles.  You can fill your own bottles up.  Fill your tub with water, because you can flush your toilet with that water.  Instead of smoking, think of what you would do if you did not have water or electricity.  Stock up on canned goods, freeze bottles of water to keep your refrigerator and freezer cold when the electricity cuts off.  These are just a very few things I can think of, before I go off to work for a little while.  Bottom line is, don’t smoke.  It will not solve a darn thing!  Protect your quit, as you would your life, because that’s just what you will be doing, protecting your life. 




Love you guys, hang in there, and I will be back later.  I suspect I will be leaving work early today.


Oh, Joy...

Posted by IrishRose Aug 23, 2011

We have to start preparing for a hurricane, but I am not going to smoke over it.  NOPE, not going to do that.  I do need to flick that Bic though, so I can keep those hurricane lamps burning.




cyclonoe Hurricane Smiley Smilie Animation Animated GifProtect your quit, no matter what happens in life!!!  You gotta love your smell.  : )


A Good Day

Posted by IrishRose Aug 21, 2011

I got to go kayaking this morning with a friend.  It was so peaceful and quiet, and I did not have to worry about keeping cigarettes from getting wet, because I just don’t do that anymore.  I like the sound of that.  I just don’t do that anymore.  If you keep on saying that to yourself, you will make yourself a believer. 


Have a beautiful Sunday, guys!!!Monarch Butterfly


Wonderful Saturday so far

Posted by IrishRose Aug 20, 2011

So, it's my fault that Abby escaped from the house.  Why?  Because I was the last one out the door.  Even though the dog has figured out how to open the door, and the door was closed, it's my fault.  Go figure.  I'm not gonna smoke over it.  She already is on my black list this morning, because I was half asleep when she decided to jump into my lap wihile I was holding a cup of hot coffee.  Who needs the puppy boot camp????  My husband or my other dog?????


To my family here...

Posted by IrishRose Aug 18, 2011

Thank you for all the love and kind words you guys send to me.  This is for each of you this day as we all protect our quits while dealing with life's ups and downs...

Email Hello


This day...

Posted by IrishRose Aug 17, 2011

As hard as it may be for any of us to push forward today, just do it, and do it smokefree!!!

Love you guys!!!

Wednesday - rainbow