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4 years

Posted by GreenThumb3 Dec 6, 2017

This thing sure has changed not even sure if in the right spot hope everyone is doing well from 2 packs a day to 4 years smoke free thank ou EX and members for all new quitters stay strong it gets better and better can' remember last time I really thought about smoking stay strong

Im still good at 1215 days just bought soda at wallgreens my buddy bought a pack of marlbro lights $8.01 wow thats crazy ,hope everyone stays strong


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garden grove ca


subtropical fruit tree propagation bowling fishing and family


mass production of fruit tree propagation making back yard a jungle


no zoom

Posted by GreenThumb3 Dec 29, 2016

Guess im going to have to get glasses, i cant click and make text bigger to read blogs on my pad cant even do on mine as i type to see how bad Im spelling .I would think this should be fixed .


3 years

Posted by GreenThumb3 Dec 7, 2016

Time flys after the first year ,hard to believe its been 3 years.i was 2 packs a day thats over $10,000 that would of been wasted on killing myself.I still pop by the site ,sometimes forget .I hope everyone stays strong on their quits it gets very easy after a while .       BTW i cant zoom in to see if spelling correct as i can and am half blind someone needs to fix that on site LOL

Just stooping in to brag and say it's been a long time since I had any kind of crave it's been a journey I think about the time I thought new normal was still having light craves alot they started to disappear then left I know first 6 months was slow and challenging at times next 6 were better then it's been a blur time has flew by im a wimp about Drs did surgery without thinking of smoking life's good 45 still doing flips on my wakeboard learning new flips on my new toy a sit down hydrofoil ski got a new boat last year in better shape that 10 years ago I don't think I'd be living like I am if I was still smoking it was not easy but worth it Dale pissed me off on day 1 cause he told me to watch using the gum and getting addicted to it I wanted a crutch I got over it and tossed on day 3 I will never forger day 2 or 29 but you just have to stay strong this site helped so much I will never put my guard down but it's pretty easy after you put the time in hope everyone gets to point of freedom

vaping addicts

Posted by GreenThumb3 Aug 6, 2016

Just currious if im the only one on here getting in fights against vape groups ussaly on facebook last one was a long one for a new patch lady posted just vape i cant help myself and these addicts will fight to support there new addiction i try to tell them its like doing cocaine to kick there meth addiction then i tell them to smoke or vape or do what they want but dont tell people its life changing or healthy i dont come on groups saying to drink diet pepsi that its good for you these people want to feel better more people are in the same group of addicts pisses me off 

Hope everyone is doing great staying strong i feel like i have sinus infection follow up visit was crap Dr said i may be in the 15 % that needs follow up surgery real nice of him to tell me that 10 days after he could of waited now i dont have much hope anxiety is high but not going to smoke over it i read cant tell for up to 8 weeks his lambrogini insurance is probably high hooefuly just trying to up sale another surgery i dont trust him at this point **** happens dont smoke over it 


checking in at 937

Posted by GreenThumb3 Jul 1, 2016

Was hoping 937 day ago quitting smoking would help my sinuse problems well today had surgery to make them better quitting smoking doss not fix everything but life is so much better without nicotine and my recovery should be a hell of a lot better if i was smoking after fresh sinus surgery could realy screw things up hope e eryone is doing great stay strong 


900 days

Posted by GreenThumb3 May 25, 2016

Life is pretty easy without nicotine just takes time 


802 days

Posted by GreenThumb3 Feb 17, 2016

I'm still nicotine free just swinging by life is good without smoking time Flys after getting  over the hump of NML or 6 months it's sure worth taking the journey it's not going to be tough forever I promise there is nothing to it in time but I know I had a bumpy road in the beginning  this is the place to hit the bumps together hope everyone  beats this nasty addiction 

Thankful I found this site I did not take weeks to prepare I found become a ex made my date for 3 days from finding it don't have many badges lol there is no wrong way to quit if you decide to do it and educate yourself along the way I was going to use gum Dale made strong points not to get addicted to it so went cold turkey it's good to have so many people on here that know the road to freedom and always cool having support with other members going through the journey with you I still pop by and read blogs I don't know half the new members I will be trying to get on here more I know new years quitters will be busy with so many new people wish you all the best smoke free days it's so easy not to smoke just takes time 

I saw in my email from few members today is 701 I missed it I'm so thankful for this site quitting smoking has got me getting my health back been wakeboarding every week doing river trips landing few different flips after five years off use to be able to do 11 different inverts thought I was done been working out loosing weight slowly hoping to ride all year long with dry suit see if I can have some fun in 40 and over division next season if I was still smoking life would not be near as good I know of several people on this site now running marathons doing other activities majlinda our queen from England  I know is a workout machine now,also don't worry if you gain some weight you can loose it after you get freedom from this crappy addiction stay strong nothing but good comes from quitting just takes time this site helps a lot I still pop by works been busy should get by more often so many new people and so many vetran quitters 


checking in

Posted by GreenThumb3 Aug 27, 2015

Just checking in been busy working on Air conditioning it's summer 628 days nicotine free life is good lost 22 lbs landed my first back flip on my wakeboard after not doing one in 5 years then landed a few more at 44 I'm pretty happy  working on getting my old body and tricks back couldn't of got to this point still smoking be the best you you can be don't smoke is a good start

593 days nicotine free pretty dam easy at this point hope everyone stays strong I sure don't miss it anymore been very busy fixing air conditioning  it is the season but will still pop by when I can now that I got a new I pad thingy thank god for this site don't think I would be free without it