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QuitTude Song

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 24, 2019

What is QuitTude?  


QuitTude is our attitude about the quitting process.  The more positive our attitude towards our quit,  the easier our journeys will be and the more likely our success.  Here are a couple of blogs on the topic:  QuitTude: and

Quititude:  Quititude 


Thought it would be fitting to write a little song on the subject that everyone could sing for the EX 7 Reunion in Virginia Beach in May of 2019.


Here's the video of us all singing it.  (Video credit our very own Community Manager, Mark!  Thanks!)




And here are the lyrics for anybody who wants to sing it for themselves.  To the tune of "I've been working on the railroad."  Change the WE to and I and make it YOURS!


We’ve been strengthening our QuitTude - all the smoke-free day
We’ve been gettin’ in a good mood - and we’ve kept those craves at bay
Can’t you hear the Elder’s calling - “You can Become An EX”
Can’t you hear the Newbies bawling - “We are all just wrecks!”


Come and take a hand, you can make a stand
Give yourself a quit to-day... ay... ay
Don’t you take a puff, even if it’s rough,
You can keep a quit today!


Life is so much better without them
Life is so much better we know... oh.... oh... oh
Life is so much better with - OUT THEM!
Believe us, ‘cause we tellin’ you so!


Singin’ - no, NOPE, we don’t smoke
We don’t do that any-more
We’ve closed and locked that door!


You are so dear

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 15, 2019

As I sit here on a Saturday night my heart is full of all of you amazing people.  You open yourselves like clams to the pearl of your best selves.  You share your struggles, your humor, your determination, you love, your empathy, your anger, your sorrow, your seeming lacks, your hopes, your shattered dreams your "all of you."  I am humbled and grateful for that sharing.  And I think that's one of the reasons I hang out here, still, after 13 years.  I never stop learning. Not only about my quit journey, but about my life journey.   I never stop growing because you teach me and make me  question and change me and embrace my spirit as I embrace yours.  You are a part of my life journey.  And how lucky I am for that.


This is just a thank you to all who have participated here for years and those who are mid-term and those brand new on your journeys.  Quitting smoking changes our lives.  Usually in a good way.  How we choose to think of quitting, and what we do with our journeys is all up to us.  I hope your journey enables you to recognize how amazing you are (if you didn't already know it.)    And every day you keep a cigarette out of your mouth will add that sprinkle of amazement.  Until your smoke-free cake is glowing! 


 May you all be enriched and ultimately nourished by your smoke-free journeys.

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