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Waiting for the Right Time?

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 16, 2018

Sitting on the fence?


You know you should quit.  Right?  You’re no dummy.  And you may have tried, kinda, sorta, not too seriously in the past.  You may have made it a couple of days or weeks or even a couple of months.  And you may have done that several times over the course of several years.  Only to return to your comfortable smoking self.  But then - here you are on this web site reading this blog.  Why?


Because you KNOW that smoking is destroying your health.  Because you’re not stupid.  Because perhaps you are starting to feel the consequences of smoking after 5 or 20 or 40 years.  You’re starting to cough more.  You can’t quite catch your breath after exercise the way you used to.  You’re starting to have more incidents of bronchitis in the winter, or....


What all quitters fear is that fateful diagnosis:  LUNG CANCER. What you don’t understand is that a diagnosis of COPD, or emphysema, heart disease or any other of the smoking related diseases are just as life debilitating. Let alone you probably haven’t been educated about the secondary non life threatening, but still not-so-much-fun diseases, like Periodontal disease.  Are your teeth shaky in your gums?  Having more extractions?  Well, smoking contributes greatly to gum disease.  They don’t talk about that when they talk about why we all should quit smoking.  What about sight problems.  Macular degeneration.  The longer you smoke the higher your risk of macular degeneration.  Never heard of it?  Look it up.  It won’t kill you, but your quality of life will definitely suffer if you can no longer see.


What ARE you waiting for?  That particular diagnosis that tells you you waited too long?


Quit NOW, before it's "after the fact."  You will NOT be invulnerable to the effects of smoking.  Believe it.  It’s true.  You know that.  That’s why you’re here. Right?


You really can’t afford to wait until it’s after the fact.  The right time is NOW!

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