Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Nov 20, 2017

Tomorrow.  I'll quit tomorrow.  If you're a serial quitter, there is ALWAYS an excuse to put that next cigarette in your mouth.  And you know that's the truth of the matter.  You can't quit 95 times and not "get" that. How many tomorrow's have you agreed to?  How many tomorrow's have you lost?


Even if you're brand new at this quitting thing - if you're not totally committed, there is ALWAYS an excuse to say "well there's always tomorrow..."  "I didn't make it today, but tomorrow....."


You know what?  There will always be a "tomorrow" as far as your quit date is concerned - until you eliminate the option to smoke no matter what, why, where or when.   


The problem is, there may come a point where there will never be another tomorrow to quit BEFORE the time when 

you've passed that point of no return healthwise.  Once you've gotten to the stage of COPD or emphysema or lung cancer or....   At that point the concept of "tomorrow" takes on a whole new meaning.


Don't wait to get there.


I hope you get to your "tomorrow" before today is over.