Quitting is Easy When We're in the Mood

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Nov 15, 2017

Quitting is easy when we're in the mood.  Until we get rid of every excuse to do so, we will smoke. Why? Because this is an addiction. And excuses are the game that our brain plays with us.  


Quitting is about eliminating not only the excuses from our playbook, but agreeing with ourselves to do so. Which means ACCEPTING our decision.  Permanently accepting our decision. Not just today.


It's really EASY to quit when we're sick or run out of money to buy more, or when it’s New Years or our birthday, or when we're "in the mood" to quit. The problem is - there's the next day.  When we feel better, when we have the money to buy a pack, when the celebratory moment is over and our mood says I WANT one and there is nothing that stands in it’s way, because we haven’t prepared. We haven’t educated ourselves, we haven’t done our homework. We're just acting on impulse.


Quitting can’t be based upon our moods because our moods are constantly changing depending upon the emotions that bombard us every single day. And what are moods but emotions?


If you want to quit, you have to eliminate everything that your addicted brain can come up with that gives you an excuse to go to that store around the corner, bum that cigarette, or accept the one offered by a “friend.” And too, you have to ignore the one that you just found in an old coat pocket that has “Smoke Me” written on it.


How do you do that? You do it first by educating yourself about this addiction, and then making a rock solid commitment - a “no matter what” kind of commitment. There are numerous long-term quitters on here who have gone through hell and back in their personal lives and still maintained their quits. Because they had that “no matter what” kind of commitment.


That’s what freedom from this addiction takes. Are you willing?