Currently Being Moderated|Quit Version

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Jun 21, 2017

This just occurred to me. “Currently Being Moderated” pops up willy nilly it seems for no reason at all on our responses to blogs and discussions on here. It could be a one word response, it cold be a multi-word response. Our Company Manager has explained that whatever the Jive platform spam settings are - are kind of a mystery. Even to him. And that’s to protect not only the proprietary nature of the Jive platform, but to ensure that certain knowledge doesn’t get into the wrong hands. The object of their game in computer moderation modules is to stop spam in it’s tracks. And a very good thing that is. Having been on this site since it’s inception in 2008, I’ve seen a lot of Chinese muckboot scammers on here. No they weren’t called muck boots - help me Dale???? But makes total sense to me. A spammer control robot that protects us within the community is obviously a good thing. Until you’ve been a witness to the amount of spam happening here - you won’t have a clue. Trust us that know - spam control helps. AND, sure it also hinders in certain instances and can be annoying. But robots aren’t perfect. Thank god. Neither are we.


Which really brings me to the point of this blog. And if you’ve read this far it means you’ll see it.


Are you currently moderating your quit? Are you blocking the excuse spammer in your mind? Do you HAVE a filter in place? Have you even given thought to such a filter?


If not - DO. You need a ‘pop up’ in your head that says “this content is being moderated.” And it’s being moderated by the ‘common sense’ receptors in your brain. No such thing, I know, by gee I wish there were! We need to find the trigger filters, the craving filters. Not the ones that allow them in, but the ones that block them. We need to use what’s between our ears to MODERATE our addiction.


And we do that by educating ourselves, educating ourselves not only about the addiction, but our particular relationship to it, our own triggers, our own excuses.  Education enables us to become our own moderators.


As an 11 year quitter, I think maybe I have developed my own excuse spam filter. I don’t need to moderate much at this stage of my quit. But when a red flag of a craving comes upon me - I definitely do. I’m not in constant “current moderation stage” at this point on my journey. But we all need that check and balance in our quits. Whether it be our first week, during No Man’s Land, or 11 years later. We need to have our own personal quit Company Manager that is currently moderating and managing our quits.


Quits don’t happen by themselves. They take constant attention. Are you currently moderating your quit?