Best of Ex Advisory Board

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Mar 7, 2017

Since the Best of Ex is now a prominent widget on the Home page here, I’ve been in discussion with Mark and wanted to get some feedback from you all.


My concept for the original group was to post those blogs that have universal and lasting truths, that speak deeply and instruct wisely. Those blogs to which people continue to refer oe’r and o’er. Those bogs that touch the core of the quitter.


Over time I’ve notice some general blogs being placed there, perhaps by a new member who didn’t quite understand what the group was meant for.


Since it’s now in a prominent position on the site, it’s been suggested to create Best of Ex Advisory Board.  A small group of people, (perhaps 5?), who are obviously dedicated to the site and intend to remain as steady supporters. This board could change periodically, so that the same people were not permanently in place.


Members would present those blogs/content suggestions that they would like to be included in the Best of EX (either their own or someone else’s) and the board would vote upon it (anonymously).


For example several people I noted of late mentioned certain blogs would be good to put in the Best of Ex. Rather than ME being the arbitrator, and rather than anybody just being allowed to post content willy nilly, it makes sense to have a Board to keep the Best, the BEST.


So my questions to you are:

1. Do you like the idea of a Board to begin with?

2. If so, how many people do you think should be on it?

3. Do you think it should be a rotating board, i.e. all members change periodically?


All ideas and suggestions are welcome. We all want the Best of Ex to be the very best it can be. There are many wonderful posts on BecomeAnEx, but not every one can be accorded the Best of EX label.


What are your thoughts?