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Description  If you still want one - you're still vulnerable.  Protect your quit! 


Young enough to know better, old enough to better know.


If you preach it, practice it.  And don't take the Truth as criticism!


I quit smoking March 1, 2006. I smoked a pack and a half a day for about 35 years. What did it take to get me smoke free? Perseverance, a promise not to smoke, and a willingness to be uncomfortable for as long as it took to get me to where I am today. I am an Ex but I have not forgotten the initial difficult journey of this rite of passage. That's one of the things that's keeping me proudly smoke free. I don't want to ever have another Day 1 again.
You too can achieve your goal of being finally free forever. Change your mind, change your habits, alter your focus, release the myths you hold about smoking. And above all - keep your sense of hewmer.  DAY WON - NEVER ANOTHER DAY ONE.





Tennessee (if you want to contact me, hover over my G, then click on Message and I'll get back to you.)



Helping you become and stay smoke free and  keeping myself so.



Whadda ya need? I quit smoking March 1, 2006.  A skill I hope to pass on.  




Be selfish with your quit - selfless with your support


((((((((((((((((Desist, Resist, Exist)))))))))))))))))

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 How to Manage Cravings

       Why Videos




       Allen Carr's  The Easy Way to Quit Smoking (PM me)


         NOPE SONG

            NO MAN'S LAND

       Disclaimer:  The views and opinion expressed by this member reflect nothing but their own “take” based upon their years of quit experience.   Please take what you like and  leave the rest.  


       BUT - If I've offended, let me know and let’s have an interesting dialogue.  My aim is to help.  If you don’t think I’m doing so, I need to know why so I can be a better supporter.  Let’s talk about it.


       The photo slide shows below were taken by me.




FABULOUS LYNX (Links to incredible creativity and talent.)



        Having a craving? Click on one of the links below. It'll take your mind off it and - POOF - before you know it, it'll be gone! (If any of these links doesn't work, please let me know.) 


       It's always spring here.  Life of Flowers.  (Click on the play button to start the video.) 

      The Beauty of Pollination

      TED Talk:  Brene' Brown's Vulnerability     

       Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art  (click on Grime Scene then on Imagine Gallery.  Then on any image to enlarge it.    

       Ethan Law Cyr Wheel - Takes hula hoops to a whole new level!     

       Tim Minchin UWA Address     

       TED Talk:  Virtual Choir     

       TED Talks:  Compassion     

       TED Talks:  Monkey Marketplace     

       Color Personality Test

       The Year You Were Born (enter you birth year when you get there)

       Thousand-Hand Guan Yin (They're all deaf by the way)

        A Woman from the Inside Out

       Just Imagine by Ilana Yahav

     Our Amazing Universe (Once it's downloaded, click on the "manual" button to slow it down (or you can move the little bar to the right to slow it down.)

       Ashes and Snow  (Click on the bottom video, then enlarge it so that it's full screen.)
       Women in Art
       Women in Film

       Stacey Westfall no reins, no saddle - just a girl and a horse

       You've Got a Friend
       Buddy Greene Harmonica
      Louis Armstrong & Danny Kaye
       Fred & Ginger II

      Hope & Cagney

       Ron Mueck Sculpture  (Warning:  graphic images)     

       Tina & her Partner
       Opera with Paul Potts