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Check Your Username

Posted by Giulia Champion Nov 28, 2016

Just an FYI

In case you haven't seen Mark's blog (Check Your Username), you've got about four days left to make sure your username comforms to the new platform parameters.  You might want to read the comments, questions and answers that follow on his blog also. 

"your username a valid one that contains only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphen(-), underscore(_) or period(.). Your new username must be between 3-30 characters long." 




Posted by Giulia Champion Nov 19, 2016




When you stop making excuses for why you can't quit, why you haven't quit, why you're putting off your quit, why you've lost your quit - you'll HAVE YOUR QUIT.  For quitting is all about giving up your excuses and being willing to be uncomfortable with the changes necessary to accomplish the freedom you're seeking.  It also takes brutal self honesty.


Excuses keep us smoking or return us to smoking.  When you understand (through education and personal experience) that smoking is a choice and not simply an emotional, uncontrollable reaction, you will be on your way to a life-long quit.  This change, this "understanding" takes a LOT of hard work and education.  We don't come by it naturally because the addiction is speaking to our "I WANT" child-like emotional being, let alone our brain receptors. 


Get rid of the excuses and you'll not only have a life-long quit right from the get go, but you'll find the beginning journey so much easier.  Because when you eliminate the "choice" to smoke in your head, you eliminate the potency of the desire and the attendant cravings.


But you won't know this until you've been there, done that.    So go there.  Do that.  Once you truly "get" excuses - there are none left to bar your way to success. 



Going through some old blogs of mine from 2009, I updated one with some new links I found  that I think might be of interest.  Take a tip from some 4 year olds.

The man who created the test:  Walter Mischel.

One of the new links listed is a New Yorker article about the man.  He was a smoker.  Don't think I knew that when I posted this back in 2009. 

And for further illumination about instant gratification and how to beat it:  Dan Ariely's Ted Talk.

Just passing stuff forward....  The delayed gratification in this case is the day you stop craving.  And it DOES happen.  Believe it!

You cannot educate yourself too much about this addiction.


How much is it worth to you?

Posted by Giulia Champion Nov 2, 2016

Are you weak of spirit?  Can’t make a commitment?  Lacking self discipline?   We can help you with that.  Think that there’s a magic drug that will quit for you or take away all your cravings?  No such thing.  The truth about overcoming this addiction is that it’s mostly up to you.  YOU have to be willing to do the work.  YOU have to be willing to change and undergo the discomfort of that change.  YOU have to make the no-matter- what, 100% commitment.  YOU have to endure whatever sacrifice is necessary to achieve your freedom.   YOU have to learn a new mindset and behavior pattern.  And that’s tough.  We may encourage the “easy way to quit” thinking, but for the majority of us that thinking was hard to come by.  The Carr book helps rid our fears and moves us into a positive mindset for our first day.  It’s a great motivator.  But that mindset tends to fade after the constant barrage of daily cravings in the first week of our quits.  It’s not enough to sustain our quits into a long-term scenario.    
We are here to walk with you and hold your hand and give you encouragement and show you how not to fall into the relapse traps.  But YOU have to do the work.  Every single one of us in this community who has a long-term quit had to do the work necessary to get here.  
We can tell you and show you how to make the journey easier.  We can proffer all the tools that you’ll need.  But we can’t quit for you.  This is a rite of passage that every quitter has to go through.  You can embrace it, or fight it.  You can view it emotionally as a challenge or a curse.  And we can attest to the fact that how you view it, will be how it unfolds for you.  Because attitude is everything in this journey.  And the most successful quitters have the most positive, I CAN DO THIS attitude.
So - how much is your freedom from this addiction worth to you?  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to attain it?  Really think about that.  Because it requires all of you..  And if you’re NOT willing - then you won’t make it.  You don’t have to WANT to quit.  You simply have to be willing to do whatever it takes.  I didn’t want to quit.  But I made the commitment to do so.  That was over 10 years ago.  It’s an incredible journey of self-discovery if you only choose to look at it that way.

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