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Be Brave!

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 22, 2016


That is the only way you will conquer this addiction.  You must embrace the journey for the new you to come to the fore.  One of the things I like about that quote is the "seemingly secure" part.  Security is a feeling of safety.  The familiar is what makes us feel safe.  Stepping out of our comfort zones (that "familiar") naturally makes us feel uncomfortable.  Change is simply that unfamiliar period of time until we adapt and discover our new comfort zone.  When you've quit long enough you feel just as secure as you did when you smoked.  


Having a craving?

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 17, 2016

Come on over to the Game Group and play Fruit Poker.  It'll take your mind off what ails you!  You can read all the way through (a way to get to know people), or just click on the last page (last little box to the right with a number in it under Comments).  Quitting can be FUN!  It's important to keep a sense of humor about you during the journey!



The 5 Stages of Quitting

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 8, 2016

Maryfreecig has this on her youtube channel.  It's a goodie!  Thanks for being with us Mary and giving the link to your quit journal blog on your page. 

The 5 Stages of Quitting

We had our second on-line ECAB meeting Tuesday night, where - this time - we were given a glimpse of the new Jive Platform and what this on-line community will look like in the near future.  Exciting stuff!  And might I suggest you all join the Board.  It’s open to everyone.  And they seek all our voices and feedback in a most welcoming way.   They want to make this the best that they can for ALL concerned.  Newbies and oldbies alike.  They really give a damn.

This is your chance to learn about what’s coming, and to offer your input BEFORE the fact.  Not that our input will be ignored after, but... this is our chance to get in the developing area - so to speak.  ‘Cause they’re building the prototype right now.

From what I saw the other night the changes are going to be wonderful and afford so many better ways of communicating with each other.  BUT - it will be different and odd and uncomfortable in the beginning.  (Sort of like quitting!)  So the more you can become a part of the process by joining the Board, the better for you AND for them.

What a wonderful opportunity they’ve afforded us.  Ever known another company to do that?  Yahoo, Google?   They just change everything and say wham, bang, thank you ma’am.   
This is our chance to add our voices.  Take advantage of it, I say!  Here’s the link to join:  Click Here to Sign Up for the EX Advisory Board  

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