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Cravings Driving You Crazy?

Posted by Giulia Champion Mar 18, 2016

Drive yourself crazy in a different way.  Play this game.  Not only will it increase your BRAIN power, it will take your mind off the elephant in the corner.  Distraction is the name of the game with cravings.  Go for it!

Paint Ball


The Many Faces of Smoking

Posted by Giulia Champion Mar 11, 2016

Just ran across this.  It's an in-depth video lecture  by Professor Marina Picciotto on the affects of nicotine and the bain and behavior.  Some of it way over my head - she earned her  Ph.D. in Molecular Neurobiology at The Rockefeller University in New York City.  But some of what she says is oh so easy to grasp.  I've only watched the first half hour so far, but at the 15 minute mark is where lightbulbs started going off in my head.  Dr. Hurt's video on here  Nicotine and your Brain is the easy lesson for beginners.  Dr.  Picciotto's video is for those Master Students here who want to really learn in greater depth why we're addicted to nicotine.  It's very heady and fascinating.

The Many Faces of Smoking


Have you joined the site and are kind of reading the blogs once in a while when you get a chance?  Have you tried the EX program a little bit, but not gone whole heartedly into it?  Have you gotten an NRT or are you on Chantix or some prescribed medication and expect that those aids will be sufficient for you to quit? 
Think again.  They won’t.  They will only lessen your desire, your craving for a cigarette.  They won’t kill it entirely.   You still have to the do the psychological work yourself.  And you still have to be disciplined.  Sorry.   Scary word, I know for most of us addicts.  But it’s the truth.  Nicotine is only one part of this addiction.  The behavioral aspect - another.  And that part is actually much more difficult to get a handle on.
Those of us with long term quits achieved such because we spent HOURS and HOURS reading, educating ourselves about the addiction, reading blogs, posting support to others... in other words we were immersed in the quitting process.  Every waking moment available was devoted to learning about the addiction and protecting our quit once we put that last cigarette out.  And there was a LOT of self study going on along the journey.  
How many hours do you devote to watching television every night?  If you devote as much, or even half that time to the study of your quit - well, let’s just say you’ll be a whole lot further ahead than the one who doesn’t.  



I’ve pondered and pondered what to say on my 10 Year Anniversary that would be  different from all the previous anniversary blogs I’ve written.  What could I say that wouldn’t replicate and reiterate the gratitude felt for those who have stood by my side, journeyed with me, the perseverance necessary, the steadfastness required and the ongoing symphony of the NOPE song.  
But then I realize that, of course, the story doesn’t alter that much from year to year.  Not after that first year’s amazing milestone.  The same truths that presented themselves way back when are ever-echoing.
This site is a great gift.  Open it and you will find a treasure map.  But you must read the instructions carefully and pay attention to the clues all along the way.  The jeweled chest at the end contains only one glowing, precious object - your Forever Quit.  
It’s difficult to locate only if you pay no mind to the wisdom offered and stray from the path of perseverance.  “WHEN will cravings end,” ask the Newbies  “Does it matter?” replies  Commitment.  
Why do I have a 10 year quit?  Because I read, I listened, I promised, I paid attention, I stood fast and I believed that it would get better.  
You know what?  IT DOES!!!!!
Follow the map and you will obtain the treasure too.  But once in hand, neglect it not, lest it disintegrate into another day one.  

Here’s to all of you warriors!



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