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A bit heady and hard to grasp with only one viewing,  but a more in-depth video on nicotine receptors than offered by this site for anyone who's interested.

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors and Your Brain


February Daily Pledge is Up

Posted by Giulia Champion Feb 1, 2016

The Valentine Month.  How much do you love yourself?  Enough to quit?  Are you doing it for someone else, maybe?  Because they want you around for a long, LONG time.  Maybe they’re you grandchild and don’t even know yet that they want you around for a long time.  But YOU do.  You want to be there for them.  And not let them have a remembrance of you as that person who had to carry around an oxygen tank or suck on an inhaler, or died prematurely because you just didn’t quit soon enough.  
If you’re new to the quitting journey you will get a lot of advice on this site as to tools and techniques that will help you.  The Daily Pledge is one very simple, yet effective tool that will help you be strong when you feel weak.  A simple daily promise not to smoke.  For that day.  Just that day.   No matter what.  
We need to hold ourselves accountable for our quits, especially in the early stages of them.  This is a method to help you do so.  
Come.  Pledge.  You’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain.  
This is  my last Daily Pledge monthly post.  Our dear, stalwart Terrie will be taking it over in March.  Thank you Terrie!  She’s a shining example of someone who pledges every day to protect her quit. 
Will you do the same?

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