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What are you doing right now?

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 28, 2015

Are you thinking about smoking?  Well then stop it!
Are you thinking about quitting?  Well then Go for it!
Are you wondering whether you can make it?  YES YOU CAN!
Are you thinking about going out and getting that pack at the local convenience store?  Think again.  And again.  And again.  And understand and believe and KNOW and TRUST that this craving will end.  It WILL be over with.  And you will survive without smoking.  Truly.
You came here to quit.   Right?  You want to stop the madness.  The addiction.  You want to not have to worry any more about what that next cigarette will do to you.  Then let smoking go.  Let it go.  That Champion force within you that knows better that is urging you on to be free, and stay free - LISTEN to that inner voice.  Not the addictive one.  
What are you doing right now?  Are you thinking the right thoughts or the wrong ones?  You know the difference.  Really you do.  Head for the right ones.  Cling to them.  Pronounce them.  Eat them every day for quit nourishment. 

What you're doing right now, right this very minute can make the difference between success and failure in your journey.  THINK before you go for that next Day One. 



Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 21, 2015

Mike n @lanta and I just had a recent exchange in which he said he had a craving out of the blue which blindsided him last night and it lasted quite a while.  He asked if this also has happened to me at this stage of the game.  He’s coming up on an 11 year quit, I’m at 9 ½ years.  You know what my reply was?  “YEEEEEEEES!”  For I had an in-your-gutface doozy of a craving yesterday too.  I had to pull out all my early quit tools to get through it.  And interestingly, for both of us, there was no specific trigger that set our cravings in motion.  But they were Day One in intensity for me,  and I’m guessing for him too.  He didn’t want to blog about it for fear of scaring newbies.  Since I think a dose of reality is always a good thing and I’m the “Tell it like it is” kid - I’m telling it like it was.  Because you need to understand the nature of this journey and BE PREPARED.

I have a file of “Blogs in the Making” on my computer.  This is one that I wrote back in September of 2013.  I  think it’s appropriate to pull it up now and finish it.
What do you expect to happen when you quit?  Do you expect instant results?  Do you think because you’ve heard that the nicotine is out of your body after three days that you won’t experience cravings any more?  Is there a time line you have in mind when the cravings should be totally gone?  If you think that - think again.

In my journey I thought that once I reached a certain “place,” a certain point, I’d suddenly be free of cravings forever.  That I’d somehow cross a special Quit Craving Line where all cravings ceased.  But like the International Date Line or the earth’s time zones - there’s no out of body experience.  You don’t notice a thing when you cross from Eastern to Central to Pacific Time.  Nor do you feel a thing when your cross the Continental Divide.  There is no fixed date in Quitland when all cravings are gone forever.  Nor is there an amount of time of being quit when you will never experience a craving again.

Talk to any long-term quitter and they will tell you to always watch your back.  Why?  Because from experience they know that sometime, somehow,  somewhere, when you least expect it the Candid Camera of cravings will come upon you.  And you’d better be prepared.

ARE you - prepared?  Have you looked at all the possible trigger scenarios?  If not - do so.  Have an emergency plan in place?   Do you have a preparedness kit for that natural disaster of a craving which will knock your socks off and leave your reeling thinking “how can this be after all this time???”

Part of that Emergency Kit should contain an email address, or phone number of someone you can SOS who will  protect you with the torch of positive reinforcement.   You don’t even actually need an email address.  The EX Blogs is an email address all by itself.  And within that heart-pool of wisdom there are many upon whom you can rely to shake your craving mind back to sanity.  Create a Quitdress book with links to the pages of those strong supporters with whom you identify.  PM them when in crisis mode.  That’s what they’re there for!
This is not meant to scare you newbies.  (But it IS meant to scare you oldbies!).  Cravings like what Mike and I just experienced aren’t an every-day occurrence.  That’s why they’re such a shock to us.  Our normal days are not filled with hankerings for cigarettes whatsoever.  So don’t you worry.  We aren’t lying when we say it’s gets easier and that there will come a day when you won’t think about smoking at all.  BUT there may also come a day, a long way down the line, when you do.

So be prepared.  Stay safe.  Stay connected.   And don’t be stooooopid!


Community Site Tips

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 16, 2015

*  If you want to know who is (or has been) current on the site, click on the blue Members tab, then on Active Members.

*  If you find a member who's material and style appeals, you can get notification when they have added a new blog.  First make them a friend by going to their page and clicking on Add Friend (under their photo/avatar).  Next go to your page and click on Edit Notification (under your photo/avatar).  Under "Notifications per user," click the box next to the friend of who's content you want to be made aware.  Email will notify you in your email, and Site will show up in your inbox as a personal message.

*  Though someone may not have a message board widget showing, you can still view and post on  their message board by going to their page and clicking on Message Board under their photo.


No Regrets

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 14, 2015

You will never regret quitting -  you will ever regret not doing so.
Two sides of the same coin.  
Coin Toss.  
One side of the coin says I Quit.  The other - I Smoke.  The way to get that coin to land the same way every day is to change it’s weight.  And that has to do with focus.  Don’t dwell in the well of smokey longing thoughts.  Climb to the surface and see the sunlight of the truth about your addiction.  Sweet Nic is just a romancer and a cheater - he does it with everyone!    
You can get that coin to land the same way every day.  You know how?  You don’t toss it.  You lay it down on the commitment side, close the option door and press on.  No matter what.  Here’s lookin’ at you kid!


Pissed off Elder

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 5, 2015

(First thought - do I dare post this.  Second thought.  HELL YES!)
OK folks, what is it you don't get about Not One Puff Ever?  What is it you don't get about commitment?  What is it you don't get that allows you to even THINK of smoking a cigarette after all you've read on here?  And for some of you - what amount of time you’ve already committed to this!  
Whine on.  But really.  Are you IN this or not???  Do you believe us?  Or not?  We tell you it WILL get easier. That YES, you're gonna have tough days.  Maybe even tough weeks, long after you've been quit.
So WHAT????  Get over it and ON with it.  That's what we did.  Can YOU?  WILL you?  That's what it takes, folks.  This isn't for the faint of heart.  Nor is dying from a smoking related disease.
Think about it.  Aaaaargh!



August Daily Pledge is up

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 1, 2015

Drop in.  Make a promise, a commitment, just for today to remain smoke free.  I dare ya! 


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