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It’s not.  But it IS your sucker, your binkie.    YOU are it’s sucker in the sense you’ve been duped into believing cigarettes are going to give you comfort, relieve your stress, your sorrow, your hurting.  

Smoking does none of that.  It does one thing only - it relieves the next craving.  Which IT, itself, created in you.  Think about it.  Before you ever smoked - you never needed one.  I don’t care if you were 12 when you started smoking, you got through your 11th year and all the heartache and angst, and pressure and sorrow and anger and whatever else was going on with you at that emotional age and there wasn’t a thought of a cigarette, was there?  You survived it all - without a cigarette.

Then you made that one fatal mistake, that every one of us on this site has made  - we took that one puff.  And continued on for a lifetime.  

My point is, you don’t NEED a cigarette, a chaw, a pipe - to get you through the next emotional crisis, moment of boredom or celebratory instant.  You don’t smoke because of that.  You smoke because you’re addicted to everything that smoking, chewing, piping has been ingrained in you by doing it year after year and connecting it emotionally to “relief.”  By the behavioral programming of it.  The truth is that the only relief offered is the relief of the next craving.  When you understand that, when you “get it” in your bones - you won’t allow any emotional excuses.  You won’t allow any excuses at all.  And THEN you will be on your way to a long-term quit.

If you want to quit and remain so - there can be no excuse that will turn you back to another Day One.  

This forum was created back in 2008, but the information is never stale because relapse is only one puff away.  Perhaps we can learn from other's mistakes.  Perhaps we can learn from our own.

If you haven't already, please add YOUR story there.  It just might help prevent the next relapse.

Slipping and Sliding - Tales of Relapse

I find it most interesting that the first people to jump on my earlier blog today were Elders with a whole bunch of quit experience.  Why wasn’t it the newbies?  The Elder’s don’t need to learn anything more about quitting and addiction.  Do they?  Or - maybe that’s why we’re Elders.   We know that continuing education is how to maintain a quit.  If you ARE a newbie, then it’s something to think about as you progress down this smoke-free path.  A future tool, a future plan to keep you in safe harbors - this “continuing education.”  You cannot learn too much about this process we’re are going through in our various stages of it. 
I can’t speak for anyone else.  But as a nicotine addict I know I have to maintain my quit.  And I do that by continuing education.  Education about this addiction and it’s affects.  About new treatments to beat it.  About ways to encourage others.  New support sites, new scientific studies, new understandings, new hopes.  New methods of self-discovery.   I can’t seem to learn enough about this addiction and ways to overcome it.   And I’m eager to learn more.  What about you?
If you look at the Elders here, most of them are active supporters.  In one way or another.  If may just be a pretty picture on your page.  It may be a response on your blog.  It may be we don’t even know how active they are but they are here in the backgrounds reading. 

All of this is part of quit maintenance.  Connectivity to your quit roots.  In full daily support, in the partial stopping  by on your quit date, in the lurkings and  silent readings you do, in the time you have and the time you take to come here and connect. 
Maintenance won’t secure a quit.  But it sure will help in that endeavor.  A house, a car, they all need upkeep and maintenance.  And you can be sure that if you don’t attend to such, they WILL break down sooner, than later.  A house, a car are very large investments.  Is your quit not as large an investment?  Is it not perhaps larger because you have invested so much of your SELF in the process?
WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ACTIVELY, TO MAINTAIN YOUR QUIT?  And what are you doing to prevent future relapse?  Are you thinking outside the box?  ‘Cause you need to.  All our addictions are the same, but also unique to our individual personas and triggers.
I would like to hear from you - especially those with under a year quit.  (And as a side note - If you AREN’T thinking about how to maintain your quit, don’t you think it’s time you did?!)


Skillpower over Willpower

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 5, 2015

I just came across this 20 minute TEDx Talk while snooping for  talks by Alan Marlatt (whom Dr. Hays quoted in his blog today)..  This one is by Al Switzler.  As he says at the end -  referring to his mother who had quit for 3 years, but then one day smoked:  "One day can turn into a bad decade."  She died of lung cancer

If you want to maintain your quit - never stop learning about your addictive self.  As we keep saying - knowledge is power.

Click on the following link to watch the video:

Skillpower over Willpower


The June Daily Pledge is Up!

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 1, 2015

Come make a promise not to smoke.   Click on the following link and grab a hand.


June Pledge




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