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He's in the hospital, went into the ER a several hours ago with a high temp, they ran tests, he has a blood infection.  He's hoping it's not MRSA.  They're keeping him overnight.   I asked if he wanted me to put up a prayer request here - he said "prayers may be needed."    He's been having a lot of physical trouble of late.  Pray hard.  I'll keep y'all posted as to developments.


UPDATE SAT. 1/31: 2:15 pm -  Just spoke with him.  He's feeling a little better.  Not yet out of the woods, but he can hear the traffic, he said.  (He has been able to see your responses and prayers on the blog here and is grateful for them.)

Keep praying


UPDATE:  Friday 1/30.  He texted me - said they're gonna keep him a few more days.  Doc said he had an infection of the blood that could kill him.  He responded it could not because he has too many people praying for him.

Keep praying. 

Don't know the veracity of this, but I found it most interesting indeed.

As we say - take what speaks to you and let go of what doesn't. 

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