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New Members Forum Idea - HELP?

Posted by Giulia Champion Aug 15, 2014

There are new members who join here all the tiime who end up posting in the the Welcome New Member Forum.  Forums were done away with on this site a while back.  Yet that one remains.  If you check it out you'll see there are usually one or two responses from one or two other new members.

My question to this community is - how can we help direct them to the blogs?  We have people who are putting up the Freedom Train every day, posting in the Pledge Group, etc.  Could we possible attempt to set up a group of us to go to that forum one day a week (that would mean 7 of us), and put out a Welcome message that would direct them to the Blogs?  If we get 7 interested parties who generally are on here every day and want to commit to this - let's get together.  I'd be willing to take one day of the week.  Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll try to coordinate it all.  It could be a copy and paste thing if we don't have time to respond personally... whatever.  

It just seems a damn shame that people join the site, leave a message on that forum, and aren't contacted because none of us check it out daily. Responses please.....

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