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Well STOP IT!  Change your focus.  Don't dwell in the well of smokey tarry thoughts.  The more you focus on smoking, the greater the cravings will be.  
When thoughts such as the following  come into your mind
"Oh I wish I could....",  "
“I want a cigarette..."
"A cigarette sure would taste good right about now...."
“I need one because I’m under so much stress.....”
“THEY can smoke, but I CAN’T...”
“It’s relaxing...”
“I used to sit out here with one....” 

"A cigarette is the only thing that will get me through this..."
Push them aside.  Chuck those thoughts out of your mind.  And do so every single time they come in.  Repeatedly.  And do so immediately.  DON’T GO THERE.  Re-focus.  YOU are in charge of directing where your mind goes.  Therefore be MINDFUL, not mind-less.  Don’t be a victim of your thoughts
Here’s an example.  This is an acting exercise, but I somehow suspect it will work for quitting also.  As a quit exercise, take an object that means something to you emotionally, that you’ve lived with for a while.  Perhaps a gift from a loved one.  Perhaps something you saved up for.  A photo of someone you love.  Or something you created yourself.  Hold it in your hand.  Think about where it came from.  When you got it.  What does it feel like?  Really look at it with all your senses.  Bring all the memories into play about that object in your life.  Do this for 5 minutes.  
Now, take an object that means nothing to you emotionally.  A wastebasket.  A Cell phone, a fork, a comb.  Hold it in your hands.  Spend the next 10 minutes (and I mean 10 minutes - put a timer on)  studying it, thinking about it, thinking about how you use it in your life, what it’s purpose is.  In detail.  What it means to you in your life.  I can almost guarantee you that that fork, cell phone, waste basket, comb will have an entirely different importance to you the next time you look at it and use it.  For you’ve spent emotional, physical and psychological time dwelling on and with it, thinking about it.  Hence your perception of it changed.  Do you see how your thoughts influence you?  Do you see that you controlled that thought?
The same is true with smoking.  But in this case you’ve done it for a lifetime.  The cravings keep pulling you back and if you give them “thought power” they will grow.  So starve them.  Think about something else.  Plant a different seed.  Change your focus.  It’s hard in the beginning until you’ve mastered it.  It takes practice.  But once you master it, shrugging off a craving thought becomes old hat.  Remember, a craving is simply a thought manifested into a feeling.  And you have the power to change it.  Change your thoughts, and you change your feelings.  Change your feelings and you change your reality.

OK, I'm going to try to put together an Elder's List for newbies.  And since there is no real definition for an "Elder" I'm gong to arbitrarily define it as one who has a one year quit under their belts and who is still periodically active.

So if you read this and you have a one year quit (or are about to - within a week [another totally arbitrary figure]), please put your name here.  The sole purpose of this is to have a place newbies can go when we tell them to check out the Elder's pages and blogs.  Once it's completed whomever is interested can put the link up on their page and point the newbies to it.  If you all think this is a BAD idea, do let me know.  Also, since not everybody reads the blogs daily - if you have your own list of Elders, or suggestions of Elders,  pass it on here.  It's easy enough to remove the dupes. 

Something just occured to me - this just might give those who aren't Elders, by the 6% definition, the impetus to KEEP ON!



Posted by Giulia Champion Jul 8, 2014

A few people have asked me where these blogs are as they couldn’t find them in the Blog section on my page.  As I created them through my Relapse Traps Group, they will only show up there.  In other words they’re a Group Blog, not a Giulia Blog.  Rather than put them all out again as Giulia blogs, which WILL show up on my page, I’ve created this means of accessing them.  Just click on any of the links and you will be able to read them.  Or go to Relapse Traps and look under Group Blog (on the left).  The Group Discussions are also blogs that might be of interest.

Note:  This was abridged and  turned into a 9 minute audio play produced by Legacy.  The voices are those of myself and my husband.  Click on the following link to listen:  100 DAYS OF QUITTING    (Once the page comes up, click on the foward arrow in the black rectangular box under the LEGACY logo.)





Posted by Giulia Champion Jul 3, 2014

Can we Elders say it too many times?  No.  Will you listen?  I don't know - will you?  Will you heed it?  Will you pay attention.  Will you protect your quit? 

Dale (jonescarp)  just put up a blog about drinking killing quits.  Believe it.  If you're newly quit - stay away from the drinks.  This doesn't mean forever, but it does mean during the beginning fragile stages of your quit.  Especially the first month.  Yes MONTH.  Drinking is the best, fastest quit killer of which I know.  If you want to relapse, if you want to lose your quit - if you want to go back to another day one AGAIN, if you want to put up that miserable unhappy guilty blog on our community saying you blew it because you had a few too many beers or glasses of wine - just DON'T.  If you can't limit yourself to only one - then don't drink at all.  Don't go to that party if you're tempted around a mass of smokers.  There will be other parties.  Other celebrations.  Because I can assure you the Nicodemon will be there waiting for you in force.  And until you're really secure in your quit - you are vulnerable.  Like a fledgling bird just learning to fly - you have to strengthen your wings, you have to learn how to feed yourself and fend off enemies.  That's you - the newbie.  You're just learning to sing your song of freedom.  Protect yourself.  Protect you quit this holiday weekend.  Please.  Not only for yourself, but for all of us who are rooting for you.

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