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Celebrating ourselves

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 4, 2014

 Are you like me?  I wanted to put out a blog to celebrate ME per Sheri's request and I read other's posts and I simply couldn't do it.  I couldn't celebrate me.  As much as I wanted to, I don’t think I'm worth celebrating.
I tried to come up with all the wonderful me that I could, but it just wasn't enough to put in a blog.  I learned a lot from those who have had the same difficulty expressing their glorious worth, but they were able to process and profess  it.  I can’t.   i wish I could.
This is not to say I don't recognize and value my worth and my love.  I just don't seem to think it's enough.
So, if you're like me, and can't come up with what it takes to celebrate yourself, know that you're not alone.  Oviously there is everything in us to celebrate.  Some of us just can’t recognize an/or acknowledge it. Do I dare have the guts to publish this?  YES! 

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