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  This came to me last night on Strudel's blog.  I think we all should pool our resources and purchase some land in the middle of the country (shortest distance between the farthest members), set up a Quit Camp called EX-Ville,  and have Weekend Intensive Workshops and Retreats.   Such as:


Aug.  29  -  Meet and Greet your favorite Old Goats.  All  ELDER'S LIST  members will be present.  Learn how to follow goat tracks.  "Why Quitting is So Very Import" webinar with    Mike n@lanta.
Sept. 1-3 - Lecture Series on How to Quit Smoking.   “It's not just a matter of Willpower.”  “Addiction and the Brain.”  Videos, EEG stimulation and seratonin boosts.  Bring your cigarettes.  


 Sept 7 -10 - COPD - The facts.   The Hope.  How to ease the effects.  Guest Speaker -  Thomas3.20.2010 



 Oct.  5-8 -  Tips and Techniques for a successful Quit.   Step practice.   Know your Triggers.  Track your Cigs.


          NRTS - Balms, Oils, Potions and Patches.  What are they and do they work.  E cig lectures.  

         Attitude Adjustment - “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking” Lecture series and workshop.


Oct.  17-19  Craving Busters - Games for Distraction weekend.  Lemon gnawing contests,  Rubberband dang bangs, Balloon Blowing, Face in the Fridge competitions.  Free silly putty quit keepers.


 Nov.  11-13 - “Be Not Afraid.”  Highly intense, positive reinforcement workshop prior to your quit day.  Zip Lining,  Bungee Jumping, Parachute Drop and motivational speakers.  Guest lecturer -  SkyGirl


 Nov.  20 - 23 -  Time to Quit - No Way Out.  (Similar to the EST program of the 70s but here you're allowed to pee but not smoke.)  Cigarettes taken at the door.  Bonfire at the end of the third day of all the unsmoked cigarettes.  


Dec. 4-7 - Magic Milestones.  An Encouragement Weekend  (where you get all the hugs you need). Freedom Train rides conducted by   Tommy.    Badges awarded (if needed)


Jan 8-11 -  Get On With It and Get Over It!! - Pulling up your big girl/big boy panties.    (A Tough Love silent weekend of introspection with no whining allowed).  Headed by Giulia and   Dale.   Participants must run the gauntlet - NO EXCEPTIONS.   All the free cookies you can eat. 
Feb. 8-11  YES you CAN! workshop.  Survival stories:   (Fri.)    Kellie  (Sat.)   Jojo  (Sun.   Ellen)


Feb. 21-23 - Slipshod Weekend.  Bucking bronco rides and lessons for those that fell off. Future Slipshod Weekends will be triple the initial fee.  Maximum of 3 weekends a year.  No refunds.  


March 18-20 - No Man's Land.  "Find the Oasis" Survival techniques, treasure hunts, geocashing and more.  Real life stories from real life quitters.  Learn to ride a came from   Larry the Caravan Master


April 25-28 -  Quitting and Stress - Meditations, Tapping and calming techniques for stress reduction.  No family members.  Pets allowed.  Free Melatonin.  Guest lecturer -   Aztec.


May  3-5 - Love Yourself, Love Your Quit - 3 days of Positive Testimonials and inspirational messages from successful quitters.  Participants are encouraged to speak their hearts.   Kumbaya party on the final day.   Smores provided.  Guest lecturer -  Sootie


June 11-13 - Rant and Rave Weekend.  Let it all out.  Scream, yell, ***** moan and complain.  Ear plugs provided as well as punching bags in every padded room.  Personal counselors upon request.  Handcuffs provided for an additional $5.  Straight jackets $25. 
July 19-21 -    Relapse Traps -  Relapse Prevention Techniques.  “How to construct a strong Quit Kit.”  “Staying  in Safe waters.”  Sailing lessons, knots  and  tethering guides.  If You Drink - Don't Smoke Lectures series given by   Nancy.


Aug. 9 - 12 - Quit Maintenance.  “Know your Enemy.”  “The Fragility of Addiction.”  “Paying it Forward.”   Testimonials from long-term quitters who had to start over again but finally did it!  Guest speakers:  (Fri.)   Sharon


LABOR DAY  HUG FEST! - EX REUNION WEEKEND.  Bring you family, bring your friends, bring your pets..  Bring your Quit!   Meet your fellow quitters.  A weekend of rejoicing, early blog reading , and free Margaritas (or beverage of your choice).  Petting zoo open all weekend.  










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