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Preaching to the Choir

Posted by Giulia Champion Jan 11, 2014

Has anyone ever noticed how many old timers read and respond on what I would call "continuing education" blogs, or "continued reinforcement" blogs of other old timers?  Interestingly a lot of us old timers respond on them, even though we know the majority of information being expressed.  I do it for several reasons.  One is to support that invidual's statement.  Two is to show a response so that the 'comment ticker' goes up (which just might induce somebody to read it who might not otherwise.)  And three, it reinforces and keeps me active in my quit.  It's part of my quit maintenance.  It's called "Paying Attention."  One doesn't stop attending the sermons because he himself preaches.  

Here the choir listens.  Newbies.... are you listening?  If we oldbies are remaining active and continuing  our education by staying attuned to our fellow practitioners, perhaps that in itself is a lesson for you.  Like good doctors, we keep up our Quit Board Certification by attenting the on-going "lectures" of those Quit Doctors who are the wisesst and have the most experience.  We stay abreast and informed about new methods and techniques of quitting and reasons for failure.  Education doesn't stop for us because we're successful at quitting.  Rather, perhaps we ARE so successful BECAUSE we continue our education.  Something to think about....

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