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You Want to Smoke?

Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 15, 2013
   Go ahead.  Give up the hard earned days that you've been free.  Give up the hours and hours of work you've put in.  The cravings you've mustered through thus far.  Give up the pride you feel by your achievements to date.  For be assured they will be gone with that first puff.  Freedom Train celebrations?  Oh, well, they become just embarrassments.  Give up the example you've set to your friends, family and co-workers.  Give up on that bit you wrote on your page about your reasons for quitting.  It was obviously a sham.  Because it doesn't mean anything after you start again.  You know - that blurb about how you want to do this for your daughter, son, grandchildren - to be around for them in the future. Or maybe it was that heart felt  "thank you" for the lesson supposedly learned by your parent's death of lung cancer and how proud they'd be to see you honoring them by reaming free.  Go ahead.  By all means.  Smoke.  Go to that store you always go to for your "fix."  And watch yourself as you put down all that money for that little desperate pack of killing crap.  Watch very carefully.  Because you'll want to remember this failure for future reference.  You'll need it.  When you come back - to another Day One.  Oh, yeah, and don't forget to reset that quit clock.  


Posted by Giulia Champion Jun 1, 2013

It’s a journey.  And it’s different for everyone.  These are blog titles from just three days within the community here.   I found them a wonderful example of quits in action.  Triumphs, trials, tryings and tadaaas!  And a huge lesson of hope.  What lesson do you take away from this enumeration.  I’d be interested to hear.


Not going well
Sunday will make it 3 weeks :)
2 weeks!!!
adjusting is not easy
13 days
Starting Anew
day 4
It's all in the perspective!
Day 8!!!
Tired of the smoke fog
Day 36
The Proof is in the Numbers
"Let Yourself Be Alive"
"Do Not Fear Change. Change Fear."
60 DAYS!
I've quit for good
getting on that bus to freedom woohoo
Help! Pull me off the Ledge! Day 4
another day under my belt
Not too bad of a day today
I'm Back and 150 !!!!
Day 5 and doing good..
looking forward (and backward) just rambling
Hard Times Ahead...
sleep where are you?
another smoke free day
Insanity Gone
Oh Boy!
Day 3 is Bad!
18 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!! :)
Day 179... finding my passion :)

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