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Posted by Giulia Champion Mar 6, 2013

I was sorry I couldn’t be here on my 7th Anniversary.  Computerless, I was with that portion of my family who can’t grasp what that’s all about (being nonsmokers).  I did mention that “today is my 7th smoke-free anniversary,” and there were the “good for you’s.”  But to really celebrate I needed to be here, among those who truly understand the cost and the joy.  
And I get home days later and open up my email and am told there’s a party in my honor.  And...  Well I just started reading and cried some and smiled a lot and pigged out on all the food and smelled the flowers, drank the drinks and thought about how lucky I was and AM to be so nourished.
Interestingly my quit doesn’t become less meaningful as the years pass.  On the contrary, the longer I remain smoke free and the more I see of those striving for what I have, the more blessed I feel to have achieved it.  
Cyber parties are wonderful (and a special thanks to Joy for hosting it and gathering the crowd.  We all know how long that takes!)  But the greatest gift that can be given on here is the gift of staying true to your quit.  For it illuminates the path for those who come after.  It shows the “possible.”  It is the paragon of support all by itself - that steadfastness.  And for the long-term supporters it gives us a sense of pride in YOUR accomplishment.  It means our words haven’t fallen on deaf ears.
One way I can express how I feel about all of you, all of US going through this magnificent life-altering journey, is in the following link.  We are all connected, all flying together celebrating the best that we can be.  Separate but acting as one.  There is beauty in the striving as well as in the success.  Let your desire take wing, if it hasn’t already, and join us in freedom’s flight.
I am so grateful.

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