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Positive Affirmation Alphabet

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 30, 2012

Cleaning up old emails I came across an Og Mandino A-Z alphabet, at the end of which I wrote my own Positive Affirmation Alphabet below. 
What are yours?
Actually we're just fine - the way we are.
Adhere to the positives, abstain from the negatives, allow for the possibilities
Be the best that you can be - God doesn’t ask for anything more.
Be who you are, because anything else is unworthy of you, and you are worth more than you can imagine.
Can't figure it out? That's ok. Persevere anyway.
Courage is a condition that occurs when you least expect it.
Don't EVER give up...on your dreams, your determination, your belief in yourself.
Do hope for the best. Dreams evolve into destiny. And destiny is dreams that have been pursued.
Eventually - we'll figure it out.
Escape from the mediocre. Turn off your TV and create your own entertainment. It will enrich your spirit.
Forgive and forget. Well, at least forgive.
Forget about IT - whatever IT may be that’s haunting you. Unless it finally pushes you to action.
Graduate to a new view if the old one provides no beauty for your soul.
Go for it. For it you don't try, you'll never know what's possible.
Hold onto hope. For it is your salvation.
Have your forgotten your purpose here? Then simply look in someone else’s face and seek to bring them joy.
I am, you are, he is, we are, they are...all in it together. I am, you are, he is, we are, they are....not alone in the daily wondering, hurting, loving aloneness that is being human.
If you must doubt, do not despair
Just because you’re afraid to, doesn’t mean you Can’t.
Jump off the end of the limb - if you fail, at least you’ve know flight - however briefly.
Know as much as you can about at least ONE subject. That will make you feel worthwhile - at least in your own eyes. And what else really matters?
Learn from your mistakes and love the lesson.
Leap across the void of Can’t to Can.
Manage a moment of gratitude every day - why not?
Memorize the face of those you love. They won’t be around forever.
Manipulate the negatives out of your life. They serve no purpose.
Marry your love to your actions. Your heart will grow.
Maintain perseverance against your foes, for they are adhering to this very vow.
Nod to a stranger with a hello. Doesn’t it cheer you when they do it to you?
Nobody said life was fair. TV and Hollywood don’t count.
Never doubt yourself, but ALWAYS doubt an unkind word said about you.
Opportunity knocks on everyone’s door. The trick is to be brave enough to open it.
Put yourself in someone else’s place. You may find wisdom there.
Question doctors, governments and yourself. Healing comes from within
Quit aggravating the situation by picking at it. Find a new scab and let the old one heal.
Rest assured that what is true today may not be true tomorrow. And if it is, it’ll probably be different.
Reason it out. Don’t just let emotions control your being.
Remember to love - something - each day. No matter how hard that may seem to be.
Require excellence of yourself. It is what God expects.
Rue not your lacks. Rather rejoice in your abilities, however mean.
Say a prayer for someone each day. It will take you out of yourself.
Stand strong in your beliefs. It builds character.
Stay honest with yourself. Delusions create false realities.
Tame the temptation within and terrify the tormentor.
Tread not into the paths of self doubt, unless you need the lesson, for there is One who has no doubts about you.
Treat everyone you meet with an open heart. Caring and loving are a normal part of our species.
Trust in....... (YOU fill in the blank. The less, the greater the fear. The more, the greater the capacity for love.)
Thank someone for something every day. It will acknowledge that you’re not totally selfish.
Unconditional love - try it on. It’s an invisible cloak utterly transparent to God.
Utter words that transcend, not banalities that add to the mediocre.
Vie for what is right and fair and just, not for the petty. The petty is not pretty.
Voice your opposition to that which is wrong. Add it to the caring multitudes.
When everything seems lost remember that tomorrow it will change - in some way.
Wondering what might have been serves absolutely no purpose except to keep you awake at night.
When in doubt, trust your instincts, even if they’re wrong. They’re more right than any surmise.
You are, you can, you will be.....(fill in the blank with your own determinative positive)
Zoos are meant to be visited. They remind us there are other cages than our own.


Motivation and Empowerment

Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 14, 2012

Sometimes thinking in terms of forever is too much when we're trying to quit.  If you're sometone who'se never gotten past the first few days at this -  I found the following interesting and motivational.  Hope it helps someone out there achieve success.  Obviously our first chalenge here would be to quit smoking.  Be sure to watch the TED video embedded there.

30 Challenges for 30 Days

If the link doesn't work, copy and paste the following:



Posted by Giulia Champion Oct 4, 2012

This is for the newbies out there.  And for those who are struggling at whatever stage of your quit.  I stumbled upon it.  (If you're unaware of, I've just made you aware of it.)  I found value in this and so I pass it on.  The rest of the inspiration can be found at

"Breathe in the future, breathe out the past.  No matter where you are or what you’re going through, always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Never expect, assume, or demand.  Just do your best, control the elements you can control, and then let it be.  Because once you have done what you can, if it is meant to be, it will happen, or it will show you the next step that needs to be taken."


But I would emphasize - do your best.  You can control more elements that you think if you work at it.  But you MUST work at it.  For quitting takes work.  If you don't work, ain't nothin' gonna happen except continued  failure.  Remember - in this game there ARE no excuses.  The first one you make will lead you down the road to relapse.  And once you've quit, you are responsible for maintaining it.  Although the sentiment above is true for certain things, "if is is meant to be it will happen"  - when it comes to your quit, YOU must make it happen. 

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