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Don't Smoke and Text

Posted by Giulia Champion Sep 27, 2012

Alaska woman falls off 60-foot cliff while texting


Published September 27, 2012


KODIAK, Alaska –


Emergency responders in Kodiak say they had to overcome the challenges of a cliff as well as an incoming tide to rescue a woman who fell 60 feet onto rocks.

Maria Pestrikoff survived the fall Sept. 17 and is recovering in an Anchorage hospital.

The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports she slipped as she was texting on her phone at the same time she tried to toss a cigarette butt over the cliff edge.

Her friend Anthony Burke heard her screams from the rocks below and called emergency responders.

Firefighters from the Bayside and Kodiak fire departments rushed to the accident scene.

Pestrikoff was just 10 feet from the incoming tide. She was placed in a rolled stretcher and hauled up the cliff to an ambulance.

Anthony Burke, a friend, wrote in the newspaper, "Lesson learned -- don't leave the gate open, don't text message and smoke cigarettes on a slippery bluff with a long drop to the rocks."

The Associated Press contributed to this report


(MP probably caught her and broke the fall.  HA!  Inside joke.)


Slow Site Possible Fixes?

Posted by Giulia Champion Sep 12, 2012

I don't have the same problems that others of you have connecting to this site or writing blogs and getting them to post, etc.  They post - it just takes longer than I would like, but I don't lose them.   What I have a problem with is just going to particular people's pages who have a gigunda amount of photos, implanted videos, music, etc.  That makes my computer just become a snail and then hang.   What helps in one instance is I have an ad block on which prevents a lot of the junk from coming through.  But my problem has been of late that I have Adobe flash crashes (and what a world we live in that that would make sense to anybody out there.  Just my personal comment on our modern techy world which personally I think  - well never mind.)  Anyway, when I start my browser   (what is that - a dog with big eyebrows?)  in "safe mode" all indeed seems to be faster and I don't know about safer but FASTER IS GOOD in my world.  So...I'm suggesting that whatever your doggie browser  may be, find out how to start it in it's own "safe mode" (I'm in Firefox) without all the added extensions, ad-ons, and junk, and perhaps that may help you.  If it doesn't, well, find another dog to take you to your leader. ....

But just - don't smoke over it - OK?  'Cause ain't nothin' worth that.  And smoking won't solve nothin'.  Well except your addictive craving for  cigarette.  And that's what you're trying to break - right?!!!!

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