Please Don't Smoke

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Jun 3, 2012

Read more after the picture. 

Kinda cute, huh? Kid trying to put out his dad's cigarette.   Well, think about this:

I just spoke with an old friend of mine.  Her brother died yesterday of Lung Cancer..  Also had COPD and Emphysema.  He smoked up to last 48 hours of his life.  He was on hospice care.  She would go and spend time with him.  Get up with him at 2:30 and 5:30, to go outside while he smoked.  Had to go outside because he was oxygen 24/7  and might otherwise blow up the house.  She spoke of huddling under the eaves with him when it was raining, as far back as they coud get. 

His son got married (for the second time) later that afternoon.  The afternoon he died.  What kind of a wedding was it, I wonder?  My friend, who went to that wedding said that for her it was most bizarre.  The juxtapostion of events.  It's a pity the father couldn't have been there too.

Please stop smoking if you haven't.  And if you have and are struggling, let this little lesson sink in as it may to give you strength to continue another day.  Your children, your parents, your friends and we,  here on this site want you around as long as possible.  'Cause you're imortant to us all.