How Deep is Your Commitment?

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Jul 1, 2011

This is all Linda's fault with her blog

Quitting really is simple.  You stop or you continue smoking.  Two options.  There is no in between when it comes to quitting.  You can't "sort of quit."  You can't stop and then start again and then stop again and start again.  That's not quitting.  That's playing with quitting.  That's attempting to quit.  That what's called "trying."  That is not "doing."  That is not quitting.

Quitting is when you say "enough is enough.  Period. I stop this now.  Now and forever."  And you simply accept  that you're gonna go through a period of adjustment, a period that may not be a whole lot of fun.  But you know when you get to the other side, you'll be fine.  Quitting is about commitment.  How important is it to you to quit?  What are you willing to do to stay smoke free?  How uncomfortable are you willing to feel?  Are you willing to give everything you have to the effort?

You need to sit down and really ask yourself some in-depth questions when you consider this journey.  Because it is a life changing journey.  And it is not an easy one.  But it is one of the most rewarding ones you'll ever have.  I can only speak from my own experience and from reading the many, many posts I've encountered during my five years in support.  And I am only where I am in my particular journey because of the reading I did of people who had more experience than I in the process. 

Some questions I think one needs to ask yourself:
*Why am I here
*What do I want
*What am I willing to do to achieve it
*Is the sacrifice worth the effort
*Am I willing to give it everything I've got
*Is there anything that I believe might be presented in my life that will make me fail at this endeavor - some emotional trauma...

The list of questions that determine your commitment to quitting are endless.  You need to answer them all within yourself with the ultimate answer being, "I will quit no matter what. No matter what life throws at me.  Because quitting is the most important thing in my life.  Living is the most important thing in my life."  And actually, for those of us who have been supporting quitters for a long time - it's one of the most important things in OUR lives.  To see you succeed and become a leader of wisdom in the community.  Your success is our success.  Your winning is our winning.  Your one year anniversary is just about as precious as ours was to us. 

And we know you CAN be free.  It's happening every minute all over this site.  And it's beautiful to see.  So BELIEVE you CAN.  Because - you CAN!

Just quit.  Just...quit.  And LIVE!  to enjoy another Fourth of July.  Or to see another grandchild, or run another race, the new you who can be just as happy not smoking as you were smoking.  And that's a little miracle that's right around the corner.

With love....