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Holiday Cheers and Warnings

Posted by Giulia Champion Dec 24, 2009

For all of you who have quit - be proud, stand tall, and persevere.   Whether it be one hour, one day, one month or 4 years.  The cost is great.  The journey rough, the results oh so worth it.  You will NEVER regret qutting.  You will  ALWAYS regret failing at it.

Family get togethers can be very stressful.  Buttons are gonna be pushed in ways you never dreampt of.   Glasses of wine and beer and the hard stuff are gonna make your mind fuzzy and your resistance lax.  There will be every excuse in the book to start smoking again.  Sadness, anger, angst, envy, ruefulness, bliss, turmoil, stress, glee, pain, confusion,....EVERY excuse.  Before you succumb to that excuse,  think about a couple of things:  how much this has cost so far, and do you want to pay that pentalty again.  Do you want to have another Day One?  You've achieved what you've achieved.  And that has taken an enormous amount of effort.  Do you want to give that up?  NO!

You can do this thing called Quitting with a capital Q.  Because you've got the strength to hang on one more day.  And that's all it takes.  One more day.  And then the next.  Simply one day at time.  Because tomorrow will be different.  And when you awaken smoke free tomorrow - it'll be worth the agony of tonight. 

Hang tight everybody.  And Merry Christmas.


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