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My  Charcoal just died

Posted by George-Martin Oct 12, 2019

My little bunny Charcoal just died- I had taken him home- Dr Colby is one of the best Vets for rabbits in the country- spent $600- I am devastated 


He was such a sweet little animal- .  This is a very sad day- I feel like smoking but I am not


Life sucks sometimes

So my wife up and left me with three sweet pets.  Today Charcoal one of my two rabbits had to go to the vet- he had not been eating and I looked at his teeth and his front teeth were very angled and over grown


I took him to Dr Colby- one of the best small and exotic vets in the country - I was expecting $150 to trim his teeth- turned into over  $600- I am a working musician and thank God for making money playing music- I had two very good paying gigs last few week - made over $1200- all gone- between my root canal and Charcoals bill- I was ready to smoke again but know that will just start my addiction up again and solve nothing- but the urge was still there.  I know some wouldn't spend that kind of money on a pet rabbit- but I found him in the woods 7-8 years ago- he is a small Netherland Dwarf- with a heart shaped nose- super sweet pet.


Charcoal is very sick but hopefully will come back to health


I have little left in the bank and just doing my best to keep moving forward- drug alcohol and nicotine free


God Help me

Yeah so I have not posted here in awhile and I need to be here more often- I still get hit by feelings of wanting to start up again.  Been lots of frustration and anger to deal with- still dealing with divorce stuff- taxes- attorneys. yada yada yada


I have to keep in touch here so I can stay with this quit- sometimes I just feel like smoking again- but I know that eventually isn't going to end well,   plus I am free - 94 days- man it adds up pretty quick- maybe not in the beginning- but even then it goes faster once a person gets 3days to a week under their belt



Good to be back on!!