73 Days Free

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Sep 19, 2019

So sorry everyone- haven't posted in awhile but Im smoke free!!  73 days now.


I did actually start a savings account with cigarette money- I haven't caught up with the amount yet because I started weeks in- but work is going well so get a little more caught up as time goes on.


Its weird I can just turn a certain way  sometimes and get hit by a "its time for a cigarette" tug- man it still takes some Zen- breathing to quickly snap out of it. Most of the time though I keep mentally reminding myself how great it is not to be enslaved anymore!  


I do exercise still not as much as I would like - I gym I had been going to closed to remodel for a month- Planet Fitness- and I just couldn't get to other place farther away.  But I did go swimming walking etc.


All my best to everyone that has quit- and if you haven't yet- get prepared and just do it!!!