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I haven't written or visited site for awhile- which is a mistake but still smoke free.


So about this time last year- I found out my wife was cheating on me- she had relapsed on pills 15 times after near death overdose in 2015.  I seperated to guest bedroom- my music studio.  She got on Facebook and hooked up with a high school guy she barely knew- he is an attorney.  I first got notice of divorce - On a Sunday no less- by email.  About three weeks later he sent me an email professing his love for my wife- and that I should let her go to him- in that email,he talked about what Christianity is about-this went on for months as I had to take care of liquidating our townhome and taking care of our 4 pets and having to find foster care for our two rabbit- which I finally got back and are with me now- while she is getting drunk and high at this attorneys place-  He even sent me a picture of the two of them together to my email.


I sent all this to the Ga Bar Association- they have been reviewing evidence over the last 7-8 month- he submitted sworn testimony that clearly shows he is a liar ( another way of pronouncing  lawyer actually) - evidence that clearly shows he, a true scumbag, was having a relationship with her while representing her.  This guy was already suspended for 6 months back in 2012.


So I finally get a letter from the Ga Bar on Friday- they have dismissed the whole thing- good ole boys that they are.


I have been so angry and depressed over this complete miscarriage of justice- they allowed this scumbag to get away with all this outrageous unethical behavior-  it has been devastating


Anyway- I don't know that I even believe in God anymore-  I am still smoke free somehow.  Knowing this guy has gotten away with taking in my troubled wife in- giving her a shoulder to cry on being the manipulator he is- let her get drunk and high- and she was telling me what a sick alcoholic he is the whole time- and condemn me after years of putting up with her drug and now alcohol abuse- is just about more than I can take.


44 days

Posted by George-Martin Aug 22, 2019

Hello All


Haven't posted in awhile so I am doing so now to check in.


I am at 44 days today- I still do go thru times of urges to smoke again- I keep doing things to remind myself of the benefits- i workout- drink herbal tea to breathe easier etc


 I would love to hear what others do to keep "feeling" the benefits- not just thinking about what the benefits are- although that is good too!


Cheers to everyone and wishing each and everyone a successful quit!

Overall i feel kind of blah lately- can get frustrated easily- small stuff gets me pretty short tempered.  I have started on coffee again in the morning and I know caffeine can really effect my nerves at times- I do try to add in some herbal tea later in the day.


I know people talk about No mans land?  I remember that being talked about on my last quit.  Don't know If I would be better off not knowing about that - or knowing ??


Just keep trying to push to excercise- my regular gym had to close to remodel for a month-so i am trying to get some pools laps in- get to another referral gym which is farther away


I just a feel kind of blah a bit lately- going to divorce care class every Wed- suggested that I stay away from romantic involvement for awhile- went thru horrific time this past year with Ex wife- who has pill and alcohol problems and ended up cheating  


Haven't been blogging here much lately so I doing that now


Anatomy of a craving

Posted by George-Martin Aug 8, 2019

I have had this on my mind for quite awhile.  My quit this time seems different than my last - my last quit lasted about 3 years.

Last time I quit-  I remember how I still struggled with nagging cravings that seemed to eat and gnaw at me- especially at night after i would finish playing music- which is what i do for a living.  After playing a "gig" as we refer to local performances'- I would get this awful gnawing about needing the reward of a cigarette- or i would substitute junk food instead.  Seemed like i craved something really unhealthy as a reward  for some bizarre and deadly reason?


I finally gave up my quit after a summer from hell- where i had a back injury flair up- also we had downsized to a cheaper apartment to save money to buy a home- this place turned out to be a nightmare because of upstairs people constantly making noise- and My special needs stepson going out of control on a regular basis- I just caved and started smoking- again.


When I started back up - this time- i was really huffing them down differently than before- I would finish a cigarette so fast-couldnt get them down quick enough- and wanted one shortly there after. Constantly craving- never could get enough- it had progressed.


I feel like I am an addictive type person- I don't believe substances are addictive- I believe people are- because not everyone gets addicted to the same things- right?  Some get addicted to alcohol- some food- some sex-some..... on and on-  So people are addictive really- And i believe i fall into that class


Recently I have heard and studied energy healing- and in fact became an energy practitioner-  emotions are energy and it takes a lot to hold down emotions that want to come out- I have used many things to hold down these energies that really want to get out.


So this quit- i decided to just let whatever comes up during my quit- to just come out- sometimes i could describe the feelings and where they were in my physical body- lots of time it felt like in the heart- like a heart craving??- sometimes i couldnt- Doesn't matter-  I just have done my best to not push down whatever comes up but rather just let it be and come up.



So i believe a crave is packed with different energies- in the first few days- the craves involve the body- I was aching for nicotine- almost and sometimes was painful-  was this physical pain or emotional- first few days I believe it is probably both.  As time has goes on- and i believe  most of the nicotine is gone so craving are mostly mental- just my opinion. 


So as i move forward- I get various experiences and sensations-  when a crave hits- I make a mental note to address my craving as emotional junk most likely- maybe I get specific remembrances that may lead me to believe a certain emotion is coming related to say' My Mom passing'  - sometimes it is just a ball of junk that gets me feeling icky and can't describe it- either way- I don't resist.




I hope this may be of some help to those struggling in the early days   Pain is in the resistance I believe


Also a crave may be more than just an addictive urge to a drug- it may contain emotional junk or it may bring up specific remembrances?


I would like to invite anyone that would like to participate to describe what there cravings contain? No right or wrong answers for sure


Day 32!

Posted by George-Martin Aug 8, 2019

Ok  - so i guess I have made it to NML- day 32.  Not sure i remember that from previous quit- 


I have had some urges today for sure- usually after working-  I did a side pressure washing job for some side money today- hard work- it got hot later in the day- and afterward we are done- here comes urge.  I have gotten accustom to dealing with urges so I usually just deep breathe right thru it- I don't freak out - although sometimes it can hit me so fast that it almost takes may breath away!



One thing i remembered from my last quit-  I got this crazy feeling like i couldn't feel any difference as a non smoker from being a smoker-  The benefits don't seem as obvious for awhile- and I guess it is the addiction saying  "hey you feel the same- so go ahead and smoke again- there is no reason not to- I feel the same as i did as a smoker!  This is crazy I know- but that is what my mind will tell me at times!



Anywho- I am moving along into NML I guess- So i appreciate any suggestions from the community!



Best Wishes to all- 


Now on week 5!!

Posted by George-Martin Aug 5, 2019

Yaaahoo!  Feeling good to be cig- nicotine free.  Woke up today and somehow tasted the morning smoke mouth taste- weird-it has to be a mirage!  Anyway-feeling good about this quit- rather than fighting urges i have chosen to view each urge as not just urge to smoke but also the crave contains buried emotions trying to get out- so i just let them be and don't resist- it seems to help


Have had a busy weekend playing music- and still at it today- Praise God for providing musical work for me!


Thx community!!


Day 24

Posted by George-Martin Aug 1, 2019

Hello to all  On Day 24- time is definitely going by pretty fast after that first hell week! Been going thru changes but haven't given in.  Mostly its like a dull nagging these days- haven't had a full day without some kind of urge or nagging feeling of want a cigarette- I could do a better job posting and staying plugged in here.


I am not yet fully aware of how free I really am from quitting!  So I don't want to forget that - the realization does hit me from time to time- occasionally I can breathe free and really feel the difference since stopping- I still do a good bit of deep breathing from time to time- i do seem to be less anxious since quitting.