Doing Something - Just For Me!

Blog Post created by Gaining-control on Jan 19, 2012

   I realized, I stopped believing in myself for a long time now.  Since I quit smoking 16 days ago, I can clearly see how much I put my needs aside. I took care of wants...addictive behavior but not what my body needs to be strong and healthy.  I started to slip into a deep depression and feelings of despair.  Not a good place to be.  I was closing myself off from family and friends.  I knew deep inside that I needed to quit smoking, eat right and exercise or I would die well before my time.  

   Well, now I'm on the road to wellness, It will take time but I'm worth it!  One good thing can start a chain reaction and who knows I may discover a whole new world.

   So just for me and just for today, I will eat healthy food, exercise and put only clean air in my lungs.