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                                                                                                                             Hello my dear  friends. Before this month gone I want to celebrate with you a half year without the slaving habit of cigarettes. I did not did it alone. You all help me to get here. Thanks Shawn for suporting me with your marvelous messages and to all that will respond this. Have nice day to all of you.


To All of You

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jul 21, 2014


                                                     Marvelous miracles  take place

                                                   when we put  energy on our dreams

                                                            instead of our afraids.     

                                                             153 daysssss.......!!!!!                                   

I want to share a little nasty experience I had two days ago. I say "a little" because when I was a smoker i don't relize how disgusting my bad breath can  be to others. I went to an activity of my political party last wednesday and share with two smoker friends. It was really unconfortable to breath as I was talking with them. I think that when we stop this adiction our senses start to work properly. In this case our sense of smell. Am I right ? Share your experience  and have a nice weekend.


Have any of you ever had smoke dreems after NML? I saw my self reaching for just one. Then talking to my self that nothing could not happen. After that there was a second cig in my hand!! Awful!!

Have beautiful 4th:


Hello there!!!

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 28, 2014

I wanted to talk with each of my friends there but time is not enough. Instead I   want to let everyone here that I'm very thankful of all your support. Each one of you walk with me in this journey. Also I let know this to my friends here in Puerto Rico who were fighting this nicodemon last year. We were at the Puertorican Long Cancer. Association. They did no hesitate to congratulate me today. See you soon and thanks again.



Good Morning

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 26, 2014

Last time I'm remember i endured six month without a cigarettes. And this was a decade ago and 4 month. I was taken paxil pils without prescription. Now I'm almost reaching NML in about two days. Even though I don't visit you frecuently the mere thought of having friends fighting like me is really a grate support. And this is the difference: to have a supporting program. See you in about two days. I invite all of you to celebrate. Thanks..

Shawn, Courage,Green thumb, Annb, Elvan, Michwoman, Lois, Linda, Pir8fan, Freeneasy, Thomas. Thanks for your messages the last time I contacted all of you. I'm fine with my 111 days without a cigarettes but I would feel better if I would visit more frecuently this site. I did not hide the last pack of ciggs «just in case». I did not hang with the idea that I might fail. I just missunderstood the word «to toss for to hide» I soaked them and broke them into pieces a week after your advises. Nevertheless here I am realizing that I'm a very adictive person for I have substitute ciggs for alcohol and food. I hope this don't get from bad to worse. I will separate time to visit you more frecuently so my life will turn into a wonderful everyday experience to live with. My heart is sentimental right know. Thanns again. I love you all.
At the present I have 88 days of smoke free. But still thought of smoking persist in my mind. They are all psicological not physical. Idid not throw away the last pack of cigarettes I hide in a very unreachable place. If this is bad for me just let me know. I want to get rid of them once I complete 130 days. Thanks to be with me throughout these months. It has been really impossible without all of you. Have a nice weekend.

You know someting? In the past cigarettes used to be my companion.  Now step by step and one day at a time I will feel that space with interesting things to do. I got a list in my mind but I have not written it yet. By June and the middle week of July I'll will reach 130 days of smoke free.  I'm in my 73 days. 57 days left.  Sounds unbelievable, Uh?  Its  really is!!!   I liked to read the blog posted on "Love your quit, Love your quitter.  It was very motivational and I'll take advantage of it for that care of my self. Right know I'm just feeling boring and eating a lot. What can I do? I think is part of the recovery.  Well thanks again and have good dreams.

I give you thanks for all your comments last Saturday. Eventhough I did not puff any cigarrettes I put myself at risk too. Fortunally the Bohemia was in closed place with air conditioner. We people in Puerto Rico respect a lot laws which prohibit to smoke in public and private places. Thanks to Puertorican Long Cancer Associattion we got this. Well thanks again. I'll aboard again on Shawn's freedom train. See you!!!...
I was a little depressed. A friend invited me to a happy hour. Here in Puerto Rico we name it "Bohemia". I'm drinking wine. Soft wine. I hope to have a good time and still keep my self away from cigs.Why not to enjoy a good drink with friends? If other drink without smoke me too. Well your advisses will be welcome. See you.

Dear friends. This struggle is not easy. I just hold on the support you give me each time I visit you.


Hi there!

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Apr 19, 2014

I Hello friends I've tried to communicate with someone in Latinamerican country or Spain. I wonder if tabaquism is not a problem on those countries. I visited their site  and see messages that have been posted for thousands of days along. Why?

But I don't like that feeling of something missing. I would like those weeks where nicotine last in my body go forever. Sorry if I'm not clear. I think you all understand. I decided to stop patches because i forgot to put it on last thursday. Next day I thought to challenge myself and did not wore anyone up today. Beside that i was tired of skin rash. It is really uncomfortable to wear those patches in the tropic. Cravings are now less than the first day: i went crazy eating everything i found on the road.... It's ok you can laugh. Well i have to go. Later i will let you know how good i feel and talk about good things I've seen changing in my body. See you.