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Good Morning!!

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Oct 21, 2016



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jul 26, 2016

Good evening friends. Nice to be in touch with all of you to share experiences. Last Sunday I went to an AA meeting. It was very uncomfortable because there were three smokers who puff the stingy thing just outside the door. Nearly in very front of the room. No more visits to that group. No put my free life at risk . I don't want to be a passive smoker. Is this a good translation? How do you name a non smoker who spire the smoke of someone else? Thanks and have sweet dreams.

Not really the fourth of July but to burn with all you any trace of desire. Be freedom
I'ts grate to share with all of you another free day. This is a beautiful morning to say hello to life and health. Have a grate today. Are my best wishes for you.
I'm here at medical clinics accompanying a relative. I'm observing people walking up and down while taking a brakefast inside the car. I guess they are patients. Two of them walked outside the clinic to light up a cigarette. I hated it's figure. I mean the cigs' shapes on their hands. Immediately I closed the windows to avoid that torturing smell. Still is torturing for me although with less pressing needs. I saw myself on them. I used to do the same while waiting my turn to see a doctor. It's been two years of victory. I can't hardly think I've been so strong. But I did it and I will keep it. Please stay with me while my quit date come close. Don't be sensitive with me because of my silence of all this time. Remember that we ex smokers have had different issues in our lifes. We used to healing them with cigs. Those issues also shaped our personality acrosse our lifespan. That's why I've been such a stranger. See you in another time. Wait for it. Big hugs, Flor.


Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Dec 31, 2015
Thanks! ThanksThanks Thanks! Thanks! ThanksThanks

Hello Guys

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Dec 31, 2015
There is almost an hour left to start a new year. But above all a year without the slavery habit of smoke. This coming February will be my second year of freedom.

Well. What can I say? I' ve been living under stress all my life. But when I decided to stop smoking I did. I just was tired  tired of it. At this moment I'm under several stress and to reach a cigarett is not the better option. Thanks to all of you.



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 14, 2015
Is that can be possible? That after year and four month my body cry for a cigarette? Hold. I'm out of a mall and someone is smoking!!! Ok. know I'm getting into Marshall. Well. Before this event i took my lunch. Then i started feel those awfull symptoms as if were the very first date of quitting. Know they are gone and my battery is low. thanks to be there and share with you my feelings. I'm drinking water. I should drink more. See you. Forgive the written mistake.


Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 8, 2015

Trust me. I got a Year and almost 4 month. Thanks for your support

Hello to all of you. and big hugs too. There are just 25 left to complete a year of victory. Thanks to all of you for this victory. Even i have not comunicate with you in months I see how magic is to think only just about you to stay firm. Become an ex is unique. I love you . 

Hope you all having a grate night. I'm almost reaching a year without the slaving nicotine. It'll be this coming february. Have a beautiful year.
Hello dearest. Right now I'm in a TV Health Proyect. They are just on a trial hoping a TV chanel buy it. They have started with smoking. They interview several persons including me. We talk about our experience to become ex-smoker. And of course I talked about you and the support you've giving me. Thanks a lot.

And who can even think in  a relapse.  Better to not show off but This is the magic of become an ex.  I love you all. Have a grate weekend, sweet dreams and this kisses for you.


                                                                                                                             Hello my dear  friends. Before this month gone I want to celebrate with you a half year without the slaving habit of cigarettes. I did not did it alone. You all help me to get here. Thanks Shawn for suporting me with your marvelous messages and to all that will respond this. Have nice day to all of you.