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Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 18, 2019

Thanks to God


Now. At the end of this day I want to give thanks to God for I find a way to get rid of cigarette addiction. I'm a women of faith. My God knows how many times I used to pray for liberation. I proved different ways but Ex therapy is the best way. To get rid of such addiction is hard to carry it alone.  I found this therapy the easiest way to be free. Let see if I can do the same here in Puerto Rico with the Lung Cancer Association. Just to give a suggestion.  No more words.  See you tomorrow or any day I can be in touch with you.  Have sweet dreams.  FlorFlor


My Anniversary

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 16, 2019

Hi there!  Five Years! Things are not went very well these five years. But the satisfaction of reject false support from cigs it is something that do not have comparison. Thanks to all of you who gave the right encourage. You kept me in the right path.  See you on Monday 18. My anniversary....