The pleasure of Victory in a common day

Blog Post created by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 on Feb 10, 2016
I'm here at medical clinics accompanying a relative. I'm observing people walking up and down while taking a brakefast inside the car. I guess they are patients. Two of them walked outside the clinic to light up a cigarette. I hated it's figure. I mean the cigs' shapes on their hands. Immediately I closed the windows to avoid that torturing smell. Still is torturing for me although with less pressing needs. I saw myself on them. I used to do the same while waiting my turn to see a doctor. It's been two years of victory. I can't hardly think I've been so strong. But I did it and I will keep it. Please stay with me while my quit date come close. Don't be sensitive with me because of my silence of all this time. Remember that we ex smokers have had different issues in our lifes. We used to healing them with cigs. Those issues also shaped our personality acrosse our lifespan. That's why I've been such a stranger. See you in another time. Wait for it. Big hugs, Flor.