I have to apologize.

Blog Post created by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 on Jun 9, 2014
Shawn, Courage,Green thumb, Annb, Elvan, Michwoman, Lois, Linda, Pir8fan, Freeneasy, Thomas. Thanks for your messages the last time I contacted all of you. I'm fine with my 111 days without a cigarettes but I would feel better if I would visit more frecuently this site. I did not hide the last pack of ciggs «just in case». I did not hang with the idea that I might fail. I just missunderstood the word «to toss for to hide» I soaked them and broke them into pieces a week after your advises. Nevertheless here I am realizing that I'm a very adictive person for I have substitute ciggs for alcohol and food. I hope this don't get from bad to worse. I will separate time to visit you more frecuently so my life will turn into a wonderful everyday experience to live with. My heart is sentimental right know. Thanns again. I love you all.