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Hello there!!!

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 28, 2014

I wanted to talk with each of my friends there but time is not enough. Instead I   want to let everyone here that I'm very thankful of all your support. Each one of you walk with me in this journey. Also I let know this to my friends here in Puerto Rico who were fighting this nicodemon last year. We were at the Puertorican Long Cancer. Association. They did no hesitate to congratulate me today. See you soon and thanks again.



Good Morning

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Jun 26, 2014

Last time I'm remember i endured six month without a cigarettes. And this was a decade ago and 4 month. I was taken paxil pils without prescription. Now I'm almost reaching NML in about two days. Even though I don't visit you frecuently the mere thought of having friends fighting like me is really a grate support. And this is the difference: to have a supporting program. See you in about two days. I invite all of you to celebrate. Thanks..

Shawn, Courage,Green thumb, Annb, Elvan, Michwoman, Lois, Linda, Pir8fan, Freeneasy, Thomas. Thanks for your messages the last time I contacted all of you. I'm fine with my 111 days without a cigarettes but I would feel better if I would visit more frecuently this site. I did not hide the last pack of ciggs «just in case». I did not hang with the idea that I might fail. I just missunderstood the word «to toss for to hide» I soaked them and broke them into pieces a week after your advises. Nevertheless here I am realizing that I'm a very adictive person for I have substitute ciggs for alcohol and food. I hope this don't get from bad to worse. I will separate time to visit you more frecuently so my life will turn into a wonderful everyday experience to live with. My heart is sentimental right know. Thanns again. I love you all.