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At the present I have 88 days of smoke free. But still thought of smoking persist in my mind. They are all psicological not physical. Idid not throw away the last pack of cigarettes I hide in a very unreachable place. If this is bad for me just let me know. I want to get rid of them once I complete 130 days. Thanks to be with me throughout these months. It has been really impossible without all of you. Have a nice weekend.

You know someting? In the past cigarettes used to be my companion.  Now step by step and one day at a time I will feel that space with interesting things to do. I got a list in my mind but I have not written it yet. By June and the middle week of July I'll will reach 130 days of smoke free.  I'm in my 73 days. 57 days left.  Sounds unbelievable, Uh?  Its  really is!!!   I liked to read the blog posted on "Love your quit, Love your quitter.  It was very motivational and I'll take advantage of it for that care of my self. Right know I'm just feeling boring and eating a lot. What can I do? I think is part of the recovery.  Well thanks again and have good dreams.