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I give you thanks for all your comments last Saturday. Eventhough I did not puff any cigarrettes I put myself at risk too. Fortunally the Bohemia was in closed place with air conditioner. We people in Puerto Rico respect a lot laws which prohibit to smoke in public and private places. Thanks to Puertorican Long Cancer Associattion we got this. Well thanks again. I'll aboard again on Shawn's freedom train. See you!!!...
I was a little depressed. A friend invited me to a happy hour. Here in Puerto Rico we name it "Bohemia". I'm drinking wine. Soft wine. I hope to have a good time and still keep my self away from cigs.Why not to enjoy a good drink with friends? If other drink without smoke me too. Well your advisses will be welcome. See you.

Dear friends. This struggle is not easy. I just hold on the support you give me each time I visit you.


Hi there!

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Apr 19, 2014

I Hello friends I've tried to communicate with someone in Latinamerican country or Spain. I wonder if tabaquism is not a problem on those countries. I visited their site  and see messages that have been posted for thousands of days along. Why?

But I don't like that feeling of something missing. I would like those weeks where nicotine last in my body go forever. Sorry if I'm not clear. I think you all understand. I decided to stop patches because i forgot to put it on last thursday. Next day I thought to challenge myself and did not wore anyone up today. Beside that i was tired of skin rash. It is really uncomfortable to wear those patches in the tropic. Cravings are now less than the first day: i went crazy eating everything i found on the road.... It's ok you can laugh. Well i have to go. Later i will let you know how good i feel and talk about good things I've seen changing in my body. See you.