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I’m sleepy

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Mar 24, 2014

friendship And thanks Nancy to explain me what "No man's lands up to 130-140 days " meaning is. I thought It was an educational source, a readings of yours or something like that.



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Mar 22, 2014
And everything because of you there. I tried to express my feelings with a nice picture but I couldn't. Let me know if someone knows how to do it. Yesterday I had a hard moment and felt strongs cravings. My patch loosend very quickly in the mid morning. I did not replaced it. They are expenssive. So I went to breath deeply and think that some of you said once: " You will have good days and bad just like you do as a smoker. Life is life." Thanks again. Well, I'll try to send you again a nice picture I found on google. But in another blog. Not in this one. I don't want to loose it. Bye!
I know I'm going to be a winner. I know that I'll live eight years or longer of smoke free life. If it is God's will, by that time I will write a successful blog spot. I will be part of you people here that support every persons with your writings. Is going to be a long road gained each day by visiting this site; by watching the videos, reading the articles you all post. You know who you are in my supporting struggle. Is not necessary to mention your name. When some writes me I just replay on his' or hers'.Thanks to be my friends during this 26 days of quitting. One step at a time. Thanks again. See you.
I'm in my third week. I'm lunching. I'm not wearing any patch. It loosend from it place this morning and I don't feel any craving at this moment.Cravings are 10% physical and 90% phycological. Dale is right. If cravings come I'll practice Shawn's 6d's: distract, do something diffetent; deep breath; walk, ...Which are the two left, Shawn? Well see you. I got it go. I think I'm going to take a long nap.