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Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Mar 17, 2020

I can imaging myself smoke like a crazy person during this crisis the entire wolrd is crossing. But thanks to God and you is not a reality no more.


For all the best Mom here. I wish you a grate free smoke day.  Let's celebrate with puffs. Flor



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 18, 2019

Thanks to God


Now. At the end of this day I want to give thanks to God for I find a way to get rid of cigarette addiction. I'm a women of faith. My God knows how many times I used to pray for liberation. I proved different ways but Ex therapy is the best way. To get rid of such addiction is hard to carry it alone.  I found this therapy the easiest way to be free. Let see if I can do the same here in Puerto Rico with the Lung Cancer Association. Just to give a suggestion.  No more words.  See you tomorrow or any day I can be in touch with you.  Have sweet dreams.  FlorFlor


My Anniversary

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 16, 2019

Hi there!  Five Years! Things are not went very well these five years. But the satisfaction of reject false support from cigs it is something that do not have comparison. Thanks to all of you who gave the right encourage. You kept me in the right path.  See you on Monday 18. My anniversary.... 

Happy 2019


With all my best wishes to my es friends there. Happy free live without cigs.

I've always love this picture.

I can't imagine St. Joseph smoking while waiting Virgin Mary give birth Jesus.

El Nacimiento

"......I gratefully accept your hand too and extend my free one to the next in line ready to pledge.  I promise not to smoke this day." I remember how much puffing I used to smoke by this season.  In two month I will get five years of free cigs. It seems to be yesterday.  But it is the sweetest and beautiful reality I ever live.  Problems still there.  But I don't have the need to drown them in nicotine demon. Love you. I wish the best to every one. Florflor



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Nov 23, 2018

Yesterday was a joyful moment where we gathered with loved ones.  Today is a brand-knew moment  full of hopes, future plans and above all, a moment to keep away from the toxic dependence of nicotine.  We don't need such a "friend". I my self  talk in the name of yours for we use to go with it in all our affairs. Love you all. Flor


Good Morning, every one! Don't even think I forgot you.  Here I'm back to let you know I've been thinking of Ex friends. 

Know with my laptop finally fixed I can take a chance to be in contact with you. Have a nice day. Love you.

Good morning fellow exers! I want to share with you 

my success of reached this goal: I got four years of freedom from that killer habit. You are magic . Even I don't keep in touch with you frequently I can keep my pledge of do not smoke NMW every day. I'm very happy for this and let persevere on keeping away ourselves from this monster.  Thanks!!


Make It Easy

Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Apr 25, 2017


Lol!!     Too Expensive!   I just quit  with few patches but above all with the unconditional love and support  of  exers friends.

Yesterday I went to the drug store waiting for someone else prescription.   Curiously I glanced for the patches section. I used to use them at the beginning in Become an Ex.  I remember how they helped me first and how they wouldn't be a support any more.  In fact I discarded them immediately thanks to exer's advises.  It's being three years of that and I felt guilty and worried because of the lack of contact with the community few weeks ago.  But know I take the time to recover that contact writing this simple and modest blog.  No matter how busy I would be, to keep in contact will reduce the chances to slip up.  Now I'm going to pledge with someone.  Thank you Ex.  Love all.



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 25, 2017

Good morning to everyone!  Thanks to all that gave me congratulations in my anniversary.  It was six days ago. There were three grate years of liberty.  I hope the image I posted be seen for all.of you. It resemble what I want to my health.  I made the Ex my home page so I can be in contact with you more frequently. Thanks Mark to help set up my account.  I love you all See you next time..



Posted by Florflor-Quit-02-18-14 Feb 20, 2017

Hello everyone.  This is the second blog I write. I published the first one I think.  I look for it but I can't find it.  Thanks to all congratulated me in my anniversary. Its been three years of freedom and I want to increase them and keep them too. Thanks again and see you next time. I hope to explore different ways to contact with you through this knew format.  Bye, bye!



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