Has it really been 86 days???

Blog Post created by dunwitit-dave on Dec 13, 2012

Wow!  That sucks!  It's been almost 3 months since I've been on the site.  The reason for it is simple........  I just don't think about it!!  I'm a non-smoker now.  I don't think about smoking, I don't think about cigarettes, I don't think about the Nicotine Weenie, and I don't often think about becomeanex anymore.  I guess that means I did it!  I quit!  I'm never going back!!  Here's a short story in my life as an Ex.....

A few weeks ago, Karen and I went to L.A. to see our daughter in college.  We stayed with Karen's BFF who we haven't seen in eon's!! They live in an apartment building in Santa Ana.  The garage of this place was a freakin car show in and of itself!! Awesome cars parked there!!  Anyway, we got to see Danielle's new home.  We met / BBQ'd with her boyfriend's parents, (we think he's the one),  Watched the 49ers play at ESPN zone, taunted some Raider weenies, ate alot of good food and drank alot of good wine.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  On the way home she mentioned that the weekend was the first that she could remember, where I didn't get stressed out over one thing or another.  That comment caught me off guard, but she was right....  It was the first time we'd gotten away together, for more than just a day, without me being a smoker!!  Cigarettes never even came into my mind!!   NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There you are!!  Another awesome reason to put those cigarettes behind you!!  Day 329 and counting for me!!  Over $2500 not spent on cigarettes. (Although I have no clue where it went)  AND....  I can breath!

Merry Christmas everybody!!  And remember, Christ is the reason for the season!!  Be sure to keep him in it!!

Dunwitit Out!!